June 1, 1987 -

Hello. My name is Ariella, and I am a Zorua. My mother sent me to join the Rescue Teams when I was 4. Now I am 15. I was assigned to be partners with an Eevee named Kcin just now. Kcin's fur was grey, a shade of silver gray. His eyes always shone brightly in the dark. We decided to name our team as Team Silver, after Kcin's silver pelt.

June 3, 1987 -

Its 2 days by now. We're still new. Jilliane, a young vulpix joined us. Wiggles the Wigglytuff assigned us on a mission at M.T Thunder. I'll write more tomorrow, because we need to hit the road as soon as possible.

June 30, 1987 -

Wiggles assigned us to another quest, this time in Lostlorn Woods. I don't know if we could make it. Even Kcin was frightened. The quest sender was unknown, and no one knew who was it. Wiggles assumed that the sender was in a lot of trouble, he forgot to sign it. Oh well. I'm going to do it anyways.


My name is Arkolian. I found this journal in the woods of Lostlorn alongside with 3 corpses. A zoroa, an eevee, and a vulpix. All that I could feel right now is that I am being stalked. Hunted. A legend lives in this woods, and I know it. I must get out of here fast before the thing gets me. If I die, tell Leondorl that the lege--------------------- Edit


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