"Charizard, GO!"

I send out my Charizard, its red flames bursting with vigor. I watch my rival send out a Ho-Oh, hatched from the bad egg he found on the sidewalk. I am now determined to defeat my rival, now more than ever, but like the drop of a hat, Charizard falls forward, the flames on its tail flickering out. I move my focus to Ho-Oh's eyes. Did it just use... nah, it's too young to learn that move... or is hit? The unconscious body of my Charizard ignites in a show of red and black flames. Sacred Fire! All that is left is an orange pile of ash. The flames spread to me, and I black out.

"Get up. Get up! GET UP!"

I open my eyes seeing my rival standing in front of me in a dirt road. My right arm was scorched and throbbing with pain. "What did you do to me?" I furiously asked. "More importantly, where is Charizard...?" The rival laughed and said: "Did you not see the spectacle my Ho-Oh has given the stadium?! You should be honored to have your pitiful Charizard scorched so badly. Hmph. Next time, I'll try not to keep you alive." At the end of his sentence, the Ho-Oh gave a grimace, followed by a flash of black in his eyes. I walk away from them in anger in confusion, but I feel something wipe me clean off my feet... Extrasensory. I get slammed into the wall as my right arm turns to ash. I struggle to break free, to grab just one pokeball... Got it! I grabbed the pokeball that held Tyranitar, but the flames cloaked its greenish scales. It turning black, forever etched on it back was 2 words: "Sacred Ash." The Tyranitar soon turned into ash as well, taking my legs with it. I was literally a sitting duck! I sat and saw white, until...

What was later found on the young trainer's ashes was a note. "Ashes, Ashes, Sacred Ash, I have not fed in a while, When I am fed, I give rewards, you should be honored to be torched." The Ho-Oh is still seen today, scorching coves to make sacred ash, but nothing remains. It haves an insatiable appetite. On the Charizard ashes, a plate was found. Engraved inside, there were words as well. "How does it feel to be turned into ASH, fool?! Now, you will make a good revival item..."