• This was taken from my best friend Nikki's diary.

Part 1: The Beginning

On my 16th birthday, my dad had bought me Pokemon Heart Gold Version. I soon became addicted to the game, and in a month, I beat the game.

My team was:

Meganium- Level: 100

Solar Beam


Light Screen

Sunny Day

Lopunny- Level: 100

Dizzy Punch 

Focus Punch

Hidden Power

Focus Blast

Luvdisc- Level: 100

Rain Dance




The other two I had, were Sandshrews with Cut, Rock Smash, Strength (bred), and Rock Climb (bred).

One summer afternoon, I decided to go to the Safari Zone, after a few minutes of randomly placing items and walking around, I found a Trapinch. It was ugly. I wanted to throw mud at it, but instead I misclicked the "Ball" Option.





I caught it.

I checked its summary.

Trapinch- Level: 45

Sand Tomb

"Weakling." I muttered.

I didn't bother training it at all.

Part 2: Mistake

My best friend Daniel came over and saw me with my Trapinch, which I named Bulimia.

"You shouldn't treat her like that." he said. He was an avid reader of Creepypastas.

He talked to his Typhlosion.

"Axel wants to help Bulimia!"

That was... unsettling. We played together for an hour until he left.

When he left, the game said: "Listen to him." Also unsettling.

I checked my Pokémon.

My Luvdisc was ripped up, it had several gashes on its body and her mouth was ripped off, her stomach area was cut open with her intestines hanging out.                


My Lopunny was equally as mutilated, she had gouged out eyes, a hole in her head, and chunks of torn up flesh all over.

My Meganium... was entirely charred up, with black, ripped- out eyes, and a torn up neck with slashed up eyes. I checked Bullimia, she was totally fine. She had new moves:

Flamethrower Crunch Sand Tomb Gore.

What the... Suddenly, my character spun around, like she was using an Escape Rope. I was now in Dark Cave. Suddenly, the game said: "Watch out."

Nothing's happened until no-

You Will Pay for what you have done.