29TH APRIL 2011



Cariluu. That was the name of the Shiny Cottonee I encountered in Pinwheel Forest. I loved Cariluu. Cariluu was the first legitimate shiny I got in a Pokemon game. And so early in the game, too!

Cariluu pushed through as a Cottonee, before I got a Sun Stone. I squealed in glee as the little puffball of cotton evolved into a Whimsicott! Cute design, great ability, and the best SubSeeder I could get. Cariluu was SubSeeding like no tomorrow in every competitive game once I finally found that pesky TM. It helped me through the E4, helped to get rid of those stupid bulky waters (I hate Water-Types and love Fire-Types, so obviously Water Pokemon are a bit of a problem) and was a priceless addition to my team.

But, I soon discovered the annoyance of the move Encore. It was on one online battle. Ugh! The opponent was on its last Pokemon. It was a Whimsicott, just like Cariluu. Smirking, I sent in Hydreigon. Maybe i should have sent in Chandelure. Oh, no matter. It was just a small miss elect. Hydreigon would just need to use Work Up and sweep Whimsicott with Draco Meteor. The opponent’s Whimsicott simply used Substitute that turn. No biggy- I’ll destroy it later.

But then, the next turn, it used Encore.

Leech Seed and Giga Drain slowly wore down my beloved Hydreigon. I sent Whimsicott down with Chandelure’s Flame Burst, but not before contemplating the usefulness of Encore.

I traded for a male Togepi in the GTS and made it learn Encore. Then, I bred it with Cariluu. Sure, the result wasn’t a shiny, but it would learn Encore! I picked up the egg, the egg that would be my new, improved Cariluu.

I even named it Cariluu, after its mother.

Things went fine and dandy after that. Cariluu No.2 brought down all opponents like its old ma.

After one fight, however, I got a message on a text box.

“She misses you.”

Huh? Shaking it off as my brother probably hacking my game again to mess it up, I begin to save every five minutes. But whenever I talked to someone, the person said,

“She misses you.”

One day, I needed to go breed a Masquerain with Hydro Pump for my friend who was addicted to Bug-Types. After getting a Surskit from Dream World, I train it up and with Lucky Egg, I got to put it in the Daycare in no time.

Wait. I don’t I have two Pokemon in there?

Oh yeah! I forgot to withdraw the Togetic and Cariluu. I shuddered at the thought of how much money it would cost.

However, when I talked to the lady, she said…

“She misses you. Do you want her back?”

I clicked ‘Yes’, mildly creeped out. Maybe my brother found some hack code where if you put a Pokemon in the Daycare it always says 'She misses you’.

The battle sequence started.

Cariluu appeared.

I sent out Cariluu No.2. Wait, no, she wasn’t at the top of my team!

Cariluu: Why? Why was I replaced?

I wanted to turn off the game, but I was too curious.

And curiosity killed the cat.

Cariluu: I killed that Togetic. I killed the thing that made me spawn my replacement. And now, I’ll kill my replacement.

Cariluu No.2: Mommy! Don’t, mommy!

Cariluu No.2 emitted the Cariluu growl. But it was so low and slow, it seemed like she was crying.

Cariluu No.2: Mommy! Please don’t!

The Giga Drain music sounded, but the text box said, 'Cariluu used Life Drain!’

Cariluu No.2 cried a low, demonic wail of its usual cry before fainting. However, I got, 'Cariluu No.2 has died!’

No. Pokemon can’t die.

Can they?

I wasn’t allowed to check my party. My trainer sprite was jammed in front, Cariluu speaking again.

Cariluu: Why did you do this? Why?

And Life Drain was played again.

My trainer sprite fell, a human scream playing along the way.

Man. If my mother wasn’t outside eating dinner she’d get a heart attack.

Cariluu: I’ll get revenge! I’ll kill you… and then, we can be together again! Just you and us!

The game blacked out.

I write you this as I hear someone knocking on my door. I hope it’s not Cariluu.


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