I wish my mom was here but she is dead I fear

there is blood that lingers here

at the full moon I always cry because every marrowak will die

as my tears hit my skull

every single day always feels dull

as I look at the western star I always wonder where you are

every tear is a scar even though we're far apart your are always in my heart

sometimes I go to where marrowaks die sometimes I even wanna cry

I always look up at the sky I always wonder why

you have to die at the thought I sadly sigh

because I know I'm gonna die

On the sparkly as I lie

I wanna see nice clouds passing by

i say I don't miss my mom

but I seriously think I'm dumb

mom I am lost

I am vain

I will never be the same

without you

but I never know

how to make my feelings show

but I will grow

when i see you flying by

with your spirit

I hear your voice I hear it

you say you'll get by

and that makes me wanna fly

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