"Hmmm....." Charmander said to Squirtle as they tried to come up with a plan to defeat the dungeon boss.

"I got it! We can have you use ember and I can use rapid spin and make an effective combo!" Squirtle said.

"It's the only thing we got..." Charmander said as they walked into the bosses lair.

"It's pitch black! I can't see a thing," Squirtle said.

Suddenly a huge blood red dragon-like figure threw Squirtle at the wall, possibly killing him.

"Who are you?" the dragon growled as he came up to the brave Charmander.

"I'm a great adventurer seeking to be the best." Charmander said.

"Well leave and take your buddy with you or I will destroy you" the dragon said.

Charmander grabbed Squirtle and ran to their base.

"w-what was that?" Squirtle asked

"I don't know but I would rather go back when we're stronger" Charmander said to Squirtle as they went to bed.


I can'tseem to think of anything good.......

Please try and add stuff if you want but please advise I made this -imtheaura

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