After I beat Dustin the Champion League, strange things started happening when I was just walking around. I saw Dustin, and he came to me and said "I will have revenge!" And we started to battle. He only had 1 pokemon. I thought that was strange.

So I used my level 55 Pikachu and used a move on his Pokemon it hit his Pokemon but it took no damage when his Pokemon attacked my Pikachu it the screen started to turn black and it said "Revenge" I shut the game off and went to my friends house.

I told him what happened and he believed me I thought how! He told me the game was hacked. I said not another hacked game!

Battle with Dustin

Picture of Dustin talking to me

So when I went home I heard my friend was in the hospital but I just came home! When I turned on the Gameboy it said you have defeated Trainer Dalton! It was my friends name.

I was scared I just shut the game off the next day I went to the hospital my friend was at I told him "Don't worry you will be fine soon" After that I had to leave the room I went home and went to play the game it showed a list of people I know but I closed the list and I faced my rival I got my Mew and faced his Pokemon I used an attack it finally damaged his Pokemon and he lost all of his health and he said again "I will have my revenge!"

The reason why this is kinda short is because I was too lazy to write one today.