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The Pokepasta

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I got a game boy. I was excited, to say the least- eager to play my new games once I had gotten home.

I had purchased it from a reputable store nearby, along with two games- Pokémon crystal, and Pokémon special Pikachu edition. I played a bit of yellow first before deciding to try crystal, but to my dismay it seemed the internal battery was dead, so I'd have to leave it until I could get a replacement battery and have it put in.

I went back to playing yellow, and eventually defeated the game. The gameplay was normal throughout, and nothing superbly abnormal happened when I found a few Missingno, minus my hall of fame and trainer information glitching a bit. I thought.

The problem arose in glitch city.

After spending a while online looking at Pokémon glitches I found a video that walked you through how to get to glitch city. I grabbed my Abra and began the ritual.

Into the safari zone, say no twice. Save. Exit the zone. walk 500 steps along any route.

I walked for a bit and then received the notice that my time had run out before being transported back to the safari zone and cautiously walking out the door. When the screen lightened back up from going  through the door I found myself in a patch of grass surrounded by glitchy terrain in every which way.

To my surprise the glitch city I had come into was fairly large, among the mangled terrain I could make out bits of signs and doors. I had read they didn't work in glitch city, but I tried them anyways while exploring the area. I came across a strange trainer sprite that wasn't all there, and was partially whited out.

It didn't approach me, but as I walked by it seemed to follow me with its pitch black eyes until it disappeared off the screen again. I sighed with relief at that before noting that my Pikachu had run off in front of me and seemed to be running to and fro frantically.

I walked over to him and pressed A, his picture came up on screen as usual when you went to interact with him, only his eyes seemed a little bigger than normal and his mouth was turned down in a frown. The screen shook back and forth as though he were not happy. I frowned to myself as he ran off again before noticing the figure in the bottom of the screen- the half whited out trainer was standing there, staring in my direction.

I followed in the direction my Pikachu had run and eventually caught up to him before pressing A again.

The same animation played- a frowning Pikachu and a shaking screen, only this time Pikachu's cry played along with it.

The cry was quiet, barely audible. But it sounded scared and somehow ominous. When I turned my trainer sprite around the ghostly trainer was standing there again. Merely staring.

I realized that I had trapped myself in a corner- between my Pikachu and the strange trainer. I was about to click my Abra for teleport when curiosity got the better of me and I pressed A to talk to the strange figure. I would always regret it.

A bunch of garbled and unreadable text appeared before giving me what seemed like a yes or no option. I scoured the apparent question, attempting to decipher it but ultimately failing. It seemed like I had to take a gamble- I couldn't even read the yes or no options and I had never paid attention to which one was in which spot.

Without looking I selected an answer.

Another bit of garbled text popped up and the figure walked away. Interest piqued, I followed it to where it had been standing originally. It looked at me  and then walked to my Pikachu. When the sprite walked away Pikachu followed a few steps behind. Curious, and a little nervous, I spoke to the figure again. This time the text was readable, even if barely.

"...You can't have it back. Its mine now"

I clicked again before being brought into battle against the trainer and my Pikachu. The trainers sprite was a female, only halfway there before fading into white. She sent out Pikachu.

I sent out the only Pokémon I had brought with me- Abra. Battle music played normally as my Abra appeared on screen. Immediately I tried to use Teleport.

"You can't flee from a trainer battle!"

I cursed lightly before a thundershock hit my Abra, when my turn came around again I attempted to use Abra's teleport.

"You can't escape"

Another thundershock. Abras health fell in the red and I tried once more to use teleport.

"You can't escape"

I watched as Pikachus' thunder bolt hit Abra for the last time. Abras' cry played and the screen darkened before plopping me back in front of the Pokémon centre, no Pikachu in sight.

I of course went back to the glitch city, but each time I went it was completely empty. Until the final time I went there.

I had ended up in a place that looked all too familiar- the exact build of the glitch city where I had lost my Pikachu to some sort of wacky programming or a sick joke done by the previous owner of the old and battered cartridge. I walked around with my Abra at the ready in the front of my party, a Nidoran second and a Pidgey in third.

I walked for what seemed like hours before I noticed it.

Standing in a patch of glitched grass was a Pikachu.

Half of its sprite faded to white, and it's visible eye dull. I walked over to it and pressed A. The screen showed the sprite close up of Pikachus  face- half existent and dull-eyed, strange pixels near its eye that could be explained as glitchiness.

But to me they looked like tears.

A garbled Pikachu's  cry played  before the Pokémon ran over to its new trainer. And just as it had done so the first time, the figure watched my every move. It followed my every step.

It irked me. It made me so mad. It had stolen my Pokémon.  I  bit back the rage and approached the sprite cautiously before pressing A.

A garbled message appeared and I was brought into battle yet again. I sent out my Abra and my Pikachu stared at me once again from the opposite side of the battlefield. I switched my Abra with my Nidoran and Used horn attack, cutting into Pikachu's health. The green bar moved lower and I felt sick as I picked Horn Drill once again. Over and Over I watched the slivers of health fall away until the bar was in the red, an urgent siren beeping in the background as a warning of the low health both Pokémon had. My Nidoran had been knocked out and it was up to my Pidgey now.

With one last click of a button, Pikachu was hit with gust- draining the last of his health, but instead of ending the battle the sprite merely disappeared.

A message popped up.

"Pikachu faded away..."

I clicked A and was returned to the overworld- no Pikachu in sight. Upset at the loss of Pikachu, I restarted my game. But Instead of landing in pallet town I found myself in Pokémon tower, standing in front of a tombstone. No matter how many times I restart, Red just stands there, immobile, over Pikachu's grave. But sometimes when I press A I can hear a low Pikachus' cry and even less often a message box will pop up, as Red speaks seemingly to himself.

"I killed him. I killed Pikachu..."