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Do you know who I am? You probably don't, but I'm a Pokemon Beta Female Character. No, not Green, I'm the beta character for Pokemon Crystal.

I honestly don't know what my name is, but, I sort of know what I look like. Long pigtails and some sort of dress…or overalls, and dress shoes, sort of like Kris.

Kris has already started her adventure. I honestly don't think I'm made to be on a journey anyway, that's why I was scrapped, but still, I wish I could be on an adventure. It would be so much fun.

Even if I were to go on an adventure, everyone would hate me. They would make fun of me of how I look, or maybe because of something else. I honestly don't know.

I'm proud of Kris...I bet she's working so hard right now. She was made to go on an adventure, and someday, I will see her again, when two new people go on an adventure, apparently somewhere else. Maybe it might continue forever, two new people, and two more new people…

But I wish that maybe the people who were forgotten…could relive an adventure, just one more time. Maybe they'll give me another chance.

But just in case…

Do you know a good name for me? I don't have one…and maybe I might use it in the future…


Lyra? That's a pretty name…

Maybe Bella, spelled like beta.

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