I lived in the Kanto region. I had a pet Eevee who I named Mime, and she never battled, so the kids in town made fun of me. "What's the point of having a Pokemon when you don't even battle with it?" They shouted at me.

One day, I saw someone's abandoned master ball on the sidewalk. "Hmm? What is this? Whose master ball is it?" I picked it up. Weeks later, no Missing Pokemon sign was anywhere, so I went outside and threw it and a small flygon came out. It was about as big as a Pikachu, and it seemed to like me, so I was able to fly on it, since it was abnormally strong.

One winter night, after a long day of playing came to an end, I woke up to Flygon, covered in blood with snow melting on it. "Hi buddy, how ya doing?" "FLY!" It yelled at me. It was distressed, and it slapped me with it tail. I fainted.

I woke in bed with my 3DS with Pokemon X in it. I looked and my flygon push was there, coved in ketchup and red marker! Then I realized, it was just a dream...

(I wanted to make this, I do have a flygon plush and I love it, so I made a creepypasta out of it, and most of the story was just a dream, and the end were it said "I woke in bed," was is real life.)

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