~ Freedom Is All I Wanted ~

I am Wildfire the Pyroar. And you could hear my story, which I am telling to you now. You could gaze upon my silver mane, as I tell my story of my life.

I was the heir to the Blazing Sun Pride in the desert of Gento. My mother and father forced me to do everything. Wildfire, do this, Wildfire, do that, they would say. I have a cousin, and he was the only one who loved me. He loved me dearly. Everyday, after my so-called tasks were finished, I would go to play with him. I think my parents wouldn't even care if I got struck by lightning or eaten in a fissure. I knew this would happen. My cousin's name was Eidolon. Eidolon and I played with each other daily. But one day, it all changed. I would choose my destiny, not my parents.

On a terrible day, a storm struck. We Pyroars and Litleos could not come into contact with such weather. Eidolon bravely volunteered to forage for carcass. But he never returned to this day, I am still waiting for him to return. Since my life was then lonely, I decided to escape my parents. That night, I crept out of my family den and ran away across the dessert. My parents didn't care. I came to this forest, where I am telling you this story. Now, I ask you to run, because this is the Lostlorn Woods, and here, it is the survival of the fittest. Humans are always killed by Azure, the Blue Zoroark. I'm telling you to run, human, before he catches you. But, my final word before you run away is, Freedom Is Mine.

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