Red found himself bored.

He had become the champion and captured Mewtwo.

He was the most powerful trainer in all of Kanto.

He found a stranger walking by.

"Hey, you wanna have a battle?" Red asked.

"Okay." The man replied.

Red sent out his trusty Lapras.

The stranger sent out... something.

Red had never seen anything like it.

It looked like an Aerodactyl, but it had no flesh, only bone.

"Thunderbolt!" The man yelled.

The thing began glowing and soon a bolt of electricity shot out of it's jaw.

Lapras was down.

Red sent out Charizard.


The thing fell to the ground.

"Wow, whatever that is it can pack some pain!" Red exclaimed.

"You want it?" The man asked.

"Do I?" Red yelled with a grin from ear to ear.

Red took its Pokéball and soon the man was gone.

Red was sure that he saw the man turn into a mix of purple, orange and white cubes and fade away.

Soon Red challenged Blue to a fight.

Blue sent out Exegutor.

Red sent out the thing.

"Use a move, whatever you are!" Red said.

A blast of flames came out of its mouth.

Exegutor stood still for a few seconds after getting hit and then it turned into cubes before breaking apart and disappearing.

Blue started to tear up.

"You are a monster Red."

He went from sad to angry and continued the fight.

The same happened to all of his Pokémon.

Blue tilted his head down.

The thing started to charge up a Hyper Beam.

It went strait through Blue's chest.

He faded away.

Red was horrified by what he saw.

But he became curious by this thing's powers.

Soon trainers all across Kanto started disappearing.

Lance was the last known trainer.

All the others went into hiding.

But lance was no match for this thing.

By the time Red killed Blue there was no turning back.

To his surprise Professor Oak was waiting for him.

There were no words.

Only a battle.

Two Pokémon.

For Red: The monster.

For Oak: His Gyarados.

Of course a Thunderbolt took out Gyarados.

Oak fell to the ground, disappeared.

Red didn't know all of his other Pokémon had been destroyed.

He did know he was disappearing.

Before he was gone he said one last word.


It was like time froze.

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