[Art: Gardevoir used Shadow Ball by purplekecleon]

Gardevoir 5

It has long since been assumed that Gardevoir are loyal as a species, and whereas science generally agrees with this theory, human thought and social interaction has met it with one message:


What a pleasant world it would be if the world's evil could be vanished if every dark type's existence was erased, or if hordes of Sylveon could stop wars-and it could be safely assumed that every single one of them would correctly do their job. Gardevoir have always been treated like pure innocence and grace-but what about their black holes, swallowing up everything in their way?

Gardevoir are indeed dedicated, but how different are they, psychologically and physically, from their trainers? Stories have been told of a "loyalty cult", an odd band of human beings dedicated to nothing but happiness for society. Generation by generation, they lost basic skill in decision making. Lost all originality. They became naive and vulnerable to manipulation-merely empty shells, made to be filled up by whatever ideas other people had. But hey, that doesn't matter, does it? It doesn't matter how susceptible they are to abuse and such because they're kind, helpful and motherly!

As one can likely guess, they eventually evolved into Gardevoir. Black holes were not natural-just illusions formed from rumors of so-called "magical" entities and desire to fulfill society's expectations and please the crowds.

Desire. Desire is where it gets weird. No sane man would want theft, kidnapping, murder-except the Gardevoir under ownership of the thieves, kidnappers, murderers. A good friend. A defender. A guardian angel and confidant, to tell your deepest, darkest fears to, and to share the joyous days with. Everyone wants one. So I have one question for you:

What if we wanted more?

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