Stupid dark Jolteon. Sure, Jolteon is an "eeveelution" but it has a dark side that will rip you apart and rip your eyes out.

The first time I saw the dark Jolteon was when I was 11. mom, dad, my niece Hailee, my nephews Kaydon and Zander, my Houndoom named Angela (I named her after a cat pokemon,) and I went to a water park up in alamosa called "splash land" to have a pool party. Angela and I went for a dive in the water. When we both went down the slide, that was when I saw the Jolteon. I was surprised. I wanted the Jolteon because my family had the other 7 eeveelutions and Jolteon was the only one left to catch.

"DAD! Look over there! It's a Jolteon!"

"Where?" Dad asked.

"Right on top of the... slide...Where did it go?" I asked, pointing at the very top of the slide.

The Jolteon was not on the slide anymore. That wasn't right. I was not sure what happened.

"Aunt Holly!" Hailee said. "I saw the Jolteon too. Maybe if you catch it, it'll be your main eeveelution!"


All of us had our own eeveelution except me. Hailee had her Sylveon named Sylve, Kaydon had his Umbreon named Spawn, Zander had his Vaporeon named Hydro, Mom had her Glaceon named Ice, Dad had his shiny Umbreon named Shadow, my aunt had her Leafeon named Leaf, my uncle had his Flareon named Flames, my sis had her Eevee named Silver, and my brother had his ghost eeveelution {not in the games yet} named Ghost Rider. I really loved Jolteon so much. 

"Sorry, Holly," Hailee said in a low voice. 

"It's ok, Hailee," I said. I really loved Jolteon a lot. Then we heard a loud, blood-curdling scream.

"Hailee, go get Dad. I'll go see whose scream that was!" I said. Hailee ran to get dad. When I got where we heard the scream, I saw the Jolteon and a dead man. It had the man's heart in it's mouth and had blood all over it. I still wanted it, so I got my master ball out of my pocket and I went ahead and threw it at the Jolteon. After three shakes it showed stars. I went and picked it up. Then, somehow, it broke out and tried killing me. But before the Jolteon killed me, another Jolteon appeared and used thunderbolt on the evil Jolteon. I was glad that the good Jolteon came. I named it Bolt. Bolt came to me and cuddled up with me. I felt happy. Then my family came and called 911 for the man. After that, Bolt and I made it home.

"Are you crazy!?" Mom asked.

"Sorry Mom," I said. "I just heard the scream and I wanted to help."

"Well, next time, don't run off like that!"

"Yes, ma'am."

So Bolt and I became friends. The man was dead along with the evil Jolteon, but we were alive, thank heavens.

two years later when i became 13, me and bolt was training. bolt had it's awesome moves thunder bolt, swift, elclatro ball, and flash. bolt was a clam nature and was full of energy that day. then kaydon and spawn came rushing to me and my prized jolteon, bolt.

"whats wrong kaydon?" i asked

"theres other victum of dark jolteon's." he said. spawn was scared. how do i know? well i can tell from the terror in spawn's shiny red eyes.

"who is it now?" i asked.

"it's....i'm sorry to say but it's your high school friends jonafin and mario." kaydon said.

"WHAT?!?!?!" i yelled, upset. jonafin and mario is 2 of my best friends.

"there under acttck and if no one saves them they will die."

before kaydon got done talking i was already there. jonafin and mario was cornered.

"Bolt use swift on the dark jolteon!" i commended. bolt obayed and used swift. i ran over to jonafin and mario and they were ok. i was glad. then the dark jolteon came up behind me.

"HOLLY LOOK OUT!!!!!" jonafin yelled. then bolt used swift again on the dark jolteon. i desided to call the dark jolteon, dark black. it seemed like a good name for an evil dark jolteon with a umbreon tail, umbreon ears, and with umbreon's yellow rings.

"close one." mario and jonafin said at the same time. too close to be exat. i thought. Dark black will be back i think. it was 2 close.

"you can sleep over with me till the dark jolteon comes back for more." i invited.

"sure" jonafin said.

"Absolutly" mario said.

so we went inside my house. bolt was happy to go inside after a long pokemon battle. mom and ice baked some pokepuffs for the pokemon and made some berry bread for us humans. i love berry bread. it's my favorite food. anyway, bolt started eating his pokepuff before everyone else ate there food. we all smiled. bolt was so cute eating his food. shortly after diner we went to bed. spawn calwed under the bed and went to sleep while me and bolt was making are bed. hailee and sylve was reading a book before bed. kaydon climed up the lader to the top bunk while me and bolt sleeps on the bed swing and hailee with sylve sleeps on the lower bunk. on the next moring me and bolt woke up first. my alarm on my phone did the five nights at freddy's {fnaf} jumpscare. it was foxy the pirate fox's jumpscare. i had the volume on the alarm all the way up. me and bolt got out of bed and got ready for the day.

one year later when i was 14 and jonafin and mario was still hainging around, i was playing pokemon soul silver. i moved my trainer sprite to the union room and conneted to kaydons heart gold. me and kaydon always does one battle and one trade with each other per day. kaydon had one eevee on his game and had all eeveelutions in his team. i traded my haunter for kaydons extra eevee.

"bye-bye ghost"

of crose i nicknamed it ghost before traded him. after the tradeing prosess was done and after battleing my eevee started evloveing into umbreon. my eevee was a shiny eevee.

"conglats! your eevee evloved into umbreon!"

i was happy. then i saved the game and turned it off. kaydon did the same. after that i saw dark black in the window. he was stareing at me. then dark black broke thro the window and landed on kaydon with his claws out and had blood driping from his mouth.

"GET OFF OF KAYDON YOU EVIL AND DUMB JOLTEON!" i yelled. then instaid of trying to kill kaydon he went after me. it was my chance. i used a master ball and taped it. then finlly,finlly i got him. i got dark black.

"YES! I GOT A DARK JOLTEON!" i yelled. bolt also joined me as i did that, like on the anima.

"cool." kaydon said. "do you think that he'll not hurt anyone?"

"absolutly" i said.

three weeks later i was playing with both of my jolteons. i Renicknamed dark black to Umbre-Jolt because it's a good name. then umbre-jolt noticed team rockit from the meowth ballon in the sky. [if u don't know who team rockit is, team rockit is a group of bad guys who trys to steal other people's rare or powerful pokemon.] they sent a large net and it traped bolt and umbre-jolt.

"TEAM ROCKIT!" i yelled. as the ballon started lifting up in the sky i went in the net. i used bolt's Thunder Bolt on the weak park of the rope.

"Umbre-Jolt. use Fly and get Bolt down safely."

"but what about you holly?" umbre-jolt asked, worred. yes, on the 2nd week i found out that umbre-jolt can talk.

"it's ok Umbre-Jolt. i'll go down last." umbre-jolt noded and flew bolt to the back yard then went back to the net and flew me back to the back yard.

"Bolt and Umbre_Jolt! Use thunder bolt!" i said. bolt and umbre-jolt used thunder bolt at the same time.

"WERE BLATING OFF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!" team rockit yelled. then they were gone. i smiled. then i sunly fanted. when i woke up it was 12:59 PM and i was in kaydon's bed. when i went into the liveing room i noticed that none of my family exeapt bolt and umbre-jolt were here. i knew this is bad news. i started going upstairs to my bedroom. when i entered my room i saw something REALLY disturbing. it's a other dark jolteon but it was all bloody and one of it's eyes were hanging out. Some of its ribs was hanging out as well. Those pink things (not the brain) was hanging out too. It had one ear because the other one was cut off. The rings on it was red. It tried to kill me, bolt, and umbre-jolt. Then it killed us. We died and went nowhere. I typed all this in before I completely died. Anyone and anypokemon reading this, be careful. Goodbye.....

[ ok. I finally got done with this. I hope some one will make a video of this. peace out and the end. please fix any mistakes i made.]

Dark jolteon