Before I get into this, I would like to mention that this might be cliche, or a shitpasta, but either way, please DON'T hate on it, just help me to improve. Thank you.

Life was normal, I was doing what I always do. Playing video games, and searching through old ones, until I found what I wanted. I didn't remember having it, but I found my old copy of Pokemon Green. I figured it must be worth alot on eBay, so I decided to sell it. While searching, I found my Red, Blue, and Yellow. All the original games were here. I figured that I'd make alot more, if I sold them together. I wanted to go back through, and play each game. It took me a while, but I had beaten Yellow and Blue. What was left was Green and Red. I took green, and played it. Forgetting it was Japanese, I turned it off. I couldn't understand it, so I forgot about it. I put in my old Red cartridge, and once I started, my name was Red, as default. then I made my rival Green.

My options were very limited, like, Gary, Blue, Green, and Lucas. Since Green was the lost game, I named him that. The game was normal up until the Elite Four. Once I got there, Green came up and spoke to me. He started saying, "Why don't you like me? Just because I was from the lost game, doesn't mean you have to turn me off. Here's the deal. If I win this battle, you put Green in. If you win, it's your choice." I knew I would win, so I took it on. But... to my surprise, all his Pokemon were level 83+. I was crushed. So, I did what was loyal. I put in Green, and what I saw was crazy. There were tons of posters on the walls. I read them, and they were in English. 

Things like "WHY DO THEY HATE ME?" and "IM SO ALONE" were on the walls. I didn't understand it. I turned this off, and decided that this game was a bootleg. Considering I loved creepypastas, I found this pretty awesome. It was getting late, and I decided I would sell the games tomorrow as a "bootleg" game. That night, I had a dream about Pokemon Green, and how alone he just might be. When I woke up, I popped Green in, and got into it. His sprite was dead. There was a note, that you could only click on. The note exactly read. "Dear Player. I'm sorry I was a disapointment to you, and I think I'll just go now. I'm sure your life will be better without me anyway." I concluded he had commited suicide. I sold the game that day. I stil wondered why I ever bought it in the first place. But to this day, I wonder... how alone is Green?

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