I'm an average high school girl, and I'm full of vanity. I always loved the Pokemon franchise since I was five, and I always went for the cute pokemon. Pikachu, Skitty, ect. The one I love most has to be Milotic, it was just so beautiful!

I was cleaning out my room one afternoon and I stumbled across an old piece of paper. I looked at it and giggled.

It was a picture of a Milotic I drew when I was five.

It was a terrible drawing. The eyes weren't even close to the same size, the front half of the body was too big, and the other half was way too small. The fins at end of its tail were big and frizzy, and didn't look anything like a Milotic tail. And its pink hair (at least, that's what I think it is) was all over the place and didn't even go strait down, and the point on its head was too big. And its pink antennas were all crooked.

Hey, I was five.

I shook my head and placed it on my desk.

"I'd say my art skills have improved," I said to myself.

That night, I had the weirdest nightmare.

I was in a dark room that was full of chains and barbed wire. I saw a Gloom in the corner, sobbing.

I looked up, and I jumped at what I saw. It was the Milotic I had drawn. Except, it was crying and it had on a very tight collar.

"You," it whispered, "you made me ugly." Then it charged.

I woke up with a scream.

it was now 7;00, which was about the time I woke up anyway.

I went over to my desk to take a look at the Milotic drawing. The paper was blank.

I thought maybe it was one of my other papers, but I could've sworn I put the drawing on my desk.

I went over to my mirror to brush my hair, and I gasped at my reflection.

My eyes were tiny and black, my nose was too big for my head, my for head had two bumps on it, and my lips were large and green.

"No," I whispered. "No!!!"

I slammed my head into the mirror and sobbed. My beautiful face was ruined. I looked up and gasped at what I saw right next to me in the mirror.

"Now we can be ugly together."

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