Well, this is a some-what true story and a dream I had, I can't remember parts of it so yeah! Fell free to think it's true! Enjoy! And don't edit unless it to fix typos!

I got my first Pokemon game when I was 6 years old (Making me 11 now). I got it for Easter along with Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, some small toys, and some candy. I played the game right away, and I fell in love with it almost immediately. I picked gender as female and I named my little playable little girl something like 'Kemmy' or 'Kimmy'- all I remember is that it was a default name. I picked Treecko as my starter, and I used to talk about all my Pokemon to my cousins (Who we'll call them T, R, and M like you see in the story Jessica). I played and then I nicknamed my Treecko (Now Sceptile) something like that looked like the word Zack. But unfortunately, I lost the game. And it was the only game I lost. And to this day can't find it.

But my dream self had!

That night of the dream, I couldn't sleep, so I played a copy of Pokemon Ruby in the hope that I'll sleep. I rematched the elite four and champion 2 times and I was not any sleepier, so I asked my now old widowed mom if I can sleep with her. It was more like trying to get on the other side of the bed and then waking her up.

Then I had my dream. In it, I seemed to be up in my mom's bed. I walked over to my BFF (Who will be called 'Party' due to her Animal Jam username having party in it). She talked to me, and then I saw 2 copies of Ruby. I flipped one over to see that it had no writing on it! That was the Pokemon Ruby I had when I was 6!

I put it in my GBA and I was playing a bootleg or hack. The text font looked odd, different from the fonts familiar to any pokemon player. "Aw, a bootleg..." I said.

But the game became darker, and darker as I went on, and it seemed like my Sceptile was named Jake or something like that. I knew that was odd.

The boxed looked odd as well, I put all my Pokemon that my party in the box so I can tranfer, but then the game said something about giving it something with something, and the screen looked like someone was on it, no screen I've ever seen in Pokemon game, I knew something as off, I had a feeling my Pokemon died.

In real life I woke up.

That's a dream I'll never forget! And I hope I can find the copy and it's not a boot leg/hack.

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