It was a happy day that started it all, even I dont remember the whole truth. I am corrupting by the second so I shall tell the tale fairly quick for our sake.

I was, normal in everybody's eyes. I was never bothered, never bullied, never seen even. That all changed when pokemania happened. I was one of the few kids at my school who could afford the pokemon games, (It was one of those schools where most people were poor, especialy the teachers) so you could expect lots of awe from the others as I brought in a shiny red cartridge with my old grey gameboy. Everyone at my school who had the other games (green, blue, even yellow as it was released) were one of the popular kids and got a ton of people following them all around.

It didn't last very long after.

After a few months after pokemon yellow was released, people at the school started talking about other hot new games coming out and we were left in the shadows after. It wasn't until i was 19 till i found my old red cartridge, still in good condition. I grabbed my custom made gameboy advanced (breaking the fourth wall here but they are real!) with a backlit screen from an old friend of mine. he knew tons of programing tricks and he even was able to build a custom laptop for both of us. With the gba in my hand I sat down at my desk and

AUTHORS NOTE: Not done please help!

Also rate my new writing style too ;)

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