Tears, a word that I just can't get out of my head.

I went to a store called Game Stash (Not GameStop), and I saw a light colored copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. I knew I didn't have Leaf Green, so I got it. 

I logged onto the game. It had a file saved already. I knew it might have one, so I picked it, just to see what was on it. The player's name was BlTears, and it was a girl. I saw a she had only one pokemon, an eevee named Cookie. I tried to transfer the eevee onto my Heart Gold, but it didn't work. It was like a pokemon rom hack I have. I tried to put my pokemon on to the game. But, it never worked. 

But this time, it did- I got a pokemon from lake-ish water in Pallet Town, and tried once more. It worked.

The next day, I had a pal over. I let her play with the game. She left 4 pokemon, all rattata, the names were in this order: Pain, Sad, Bloody, Tears.

I told her, and she said a PC box had them, so she put them in my party. Then she had to go so she saved and handed the game to me. What spooked me was they said they were from eggs and all had 6 on at lest 3 of the stats. I knew this can happen, it just spooked me. I used to breed eevee on Soul Silver and Heart Gold. I had an eevee with 3 sixes in the stats, but the names, that'll just never leave my head.

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