PokePasta Pokemon Genesis08:45

PokePasta Pokemon Genesis

I do not own either of these stories or Pastas.

I am still working on this page, looking for the written-version of Pokemon Genesis as well as a way to copy the Pokemon Apocalypse story so you won't have to use the link to get there.

But what I have gathered is a video for Pokemon Gensis. And so if you can find anything that I am currently looking for, feel free to add them on this page and do edits. The original author for Pokemon Gensis is Anon.


Pokemon GenesisEdit

I am having a hard time finding the solid pokepasta---written for this particular pasta // scientific theory. If you can find this then please, feel free to add it in. But for now...just watch the video ^^;

Pokemon ApocalypseEdit

Gene77.exe was originally written by Lizzy Monster on Quotev and it can be found here:

It is considerd a Spin-off of Pokemon Genesis

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