I have recently been moving to alot of places, I never really get to know anybody because me and my family are always moving. It seems as if my parents can't find a job, or are not comfortable living in these towns. Well that's besides the point. There is one game I always play in the car, Pokemon Red. I mostly just make the player walk in tall grass to train my Pokemon, and occasionally battle trainers. Though what I like to do most is trade with friends, but I can't do that anymore, since I never really get to know anybody at each school I go to. The next day, my parents told me they found a place they like and will stay there. I was relieved, being sick of moving all the time. Maybe I could meet new friends and maybe I could do what I used to do.

I went to a really nice school, met a really nice friend who loved Pokemon, had a Game Boy and loved to trade Pokemon more than anything.

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