Today is the day I get pokemon x!!! finnaly after waiting for like ever to get it, im gonna get pokemon x today!!!!

"well sam?" my dad said

"are you ready?"

"heck yeah!" i said as we entered gamestop

I searched around the place trying to find pokemon x, but to no avail... I asked the clerk if she seen any left and she said she can give me hers so she gave it to me for free and asked us to leave.

"strange person..." i thought as i got in the car and started playing the game on my blue 3ds xl.

The game seemed to start out normaly but when i saw xerneas it seemed..... dull, as if something sucked the life out of it.

"meh" i said to myself as i went on in my pokemon journey

After a few days i finished the game and got bored with doing wonder trade and took a break so i went in the kitchen to eat lunch. I went to go heat up a fajita that i didnt finish last night but... something seemed wrong... like someone was watching... i shook it off as nothing and i took my fajita out of the microwave and ate it in the living room.

A news show was on a channel i clicked to, reporting a missing kid. "meh, at least it wasnt me" i murmured to myself as i put my plate away into the kitchen sink.

The next day I decided to play my game, but when i clicked start something seemed very off.. as if the game was alive, or lifeless. A text appeared before i entered lumoise city and it said "beware of the life stealer". thinking it was an easter egg i went on with my quest, not knowing the consequences it would behold to me. As soon as i got to the city i heard a mighty roar come from the city tower. when i came over i was horrified to come acrost lifeless corpses, littering the street


not done yet! please tell me what u think

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