My Mom had driven to the Thrift Store to get me a used copy of Pokemon Blue, she came home with a Pokemon Blue cartridge with nothing strange on it, So I took my Gameboy and stuck the game in. The game booted up with Ash or Red with a Squirtle, this was normal so far. I selected "NEW GAME" and played it for countless hours, alone in my room.

I played so much that I beat the game in less than 3 days, seeing no need to play it anymore I stuck it in my drawer and didnt play it. 3 years later, I found it in my drawer and decided to play it for old times sake. I booted up the game on my save file "BRIAN".

Once I chose "BRIAN" the screen went white, then a textbox appeared saying "Why, Brian? Why did you forget me?" then went to the game. I pressed START, then saw my characters name had changed, no longer "BRIAN" like I put it when I started, now it was "I HATE U". I then wondered "What the heck is going on?" I decided to check my Pokemon, my high leveled Pokemon were gone, the only Pokemon I had was a lvl 5 Squirtle, the Pokemon I had chose at the start of the game.

Then, another textbox appeared saying "Watch this." I did and then it exited out of my Menu box and started walking by itself, the character walked towards the ocean and started throwing the Pokemon I had caught into the ocean. This lasted about a minute, after every Pokemon I had was gone, the game then said "I HATE U lost the battle!" then "I HATE U blacked out!". Then, the screen turned black, when the screen came back, all I could see was a single grave, I could barely read the markings, but then I made them out, they said this "R.I.P I HATE U, Never cared for his game..." I stared at this screen, shocked about how the game went from normal to really, really screwed up.


Pokemon Blue Cartridge from the Story

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