I was searching around for Pokemon games, old ones to be specific. I was looking for Pokemon Red and Blue cartridges, just to bring back nistolga. I was searching anywhere I might find them, thrift stores, eBay, even Goodwill and dumpsters. I ended up finding the games together, for $3.99. The wierd thing about the photo, is that the cartridges were Orange and Purple instead of Red and Blue, but I thought it might be a picture problem, because the stickers read Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. I ignored this fact though, and got them.

When they arrived, I opened up the packages, to find that they were Orange and Purple. I saw the sticker was coming off a bit too, and peeled it off, on both. I saw they were labled, "Pokemon Orange" with a Pidgey on the front, and "Pokemon Purple" with a Rattata on the front. I played through the game, and appereantly, you were made "late" to the Pokemon Lab, and didn't get a starter, for they were all taken. So instead of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle... he gave you a Pidgey/Rattata, depending on the game.

The game from then on was the same as Red and Blue except for the occasional, "ORANGE/PURPLE is sad" and "ORANGE/PURPLE didn't get a starter." I named my character ORANGE/PURPLE depending on which game I was playing. I'm guessing Pokemon took this game off the market because they did the same thing they did with Yellow. Gave you a wild Pokemon as a starter. Or maybe it was for something else, we may never know.

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