In this pokepasta, which is true, I will explain the story behind the original 'Pokemon Have Nightmares Too'. And how I came upon it.

You see, I am, what you might call, a "cheat code connosuer". I always use cheat codes. Which is easy for me, for I always use emulators. I have completed pokemon emerald, thanks to cheat codes, and I was getting bored. Then I thought of something. "The original red. That game was great! But, the sprites stunk and so did the color. I should see if there is anyone like it but better." Thats when I started searching, "Pokemon Red for Gameboy Advance", my favorite emulator. I found out about a game known as Fire Red, which, I had never heard of before. Probably because the only GBA Pokemon game I've ever played was Emerald. I than searched " Pokemon Fire Red GBA rom at", one of my favorite rom sites. I got the rom, and started playing. I know what you're thinking, "Hydreigon did not exist yet though!" Well, you see, not only that was I a cheater, but I was also a hacker. I hacked the rom to give it all B/W and X/Y Pokemon. Almost all, anyways. I left all the cat ones out because I hate cats. I started playing, but things were... Off. I did not change the title screen, but instead of saying, "Fire Red" it said, "Nightmare Red" with an outline of a Hydreigon filled in completely black next to it. Ok, I guess the rom was hacked from the start and I did not know it. It played normally, until I got to Lavender Town. Big shocker, right? Haha. Anyways, I knew I had to go to the tower to save the guy for no apparent reason like in all the walkthroughs that I had watched before I played. But first, I had a bad egg I needed to deposit. I was gonna give it its own box, but, it opened and and, as soon as I got to the box, I accidently placed it on a shiny hydreigon. "Oh well", I said and brought out my new creation. I then went to the tower, used a walk through walls to skip the ghost marowak thing, and got to the top. But, everyone was gone. "Creepy", I thought, but I walked forward. Then, I saw it. It looked like a hydreigon, but 5 times the size, with 6 more heads instead of wings. It had huge , blood covered fangs, and a large, bloody spike on its red tail. It had no eyes, and spiky horns all around its head. I thought that maybe it was some kind of special legendary or something programmed in by the person who hacked it originally. Then, as if it could hear me thinking, it said, "No. I am no legendary Pokemon. I am not anything specially put into your game. I am the one you always knew about, the one all Pokemon fear. I AM, NIGHTMARE." Just then a battle started.

Wild NIGHTMARE used NIGHTMARE. It was a one hit KO! Blaze ( my Charizard ) DIED.

It was a pretty normal battle, wait a minute, did it just say died?!?!? Pokemon do not die! They faint! Then, it played the animation of you feeding a Pokemon, but instead of an item, Blaze went in. I was in tears. My own partner had been eaten. Then, the weirdest thing happened. Blaze was level 100, but and when it finished eating him, Nightmare went from level 100, to 200! I also realized something else. I only have four Pokemon, what about the fitfh? I checked my party. Blaze was gone, and so was the Hydreigon. I decided that since I needed a Pokemon to replace Blaze now, i would catch this thing. I threw a master ball, and he went in. Then, all of a sudden, the ball exploded, and Nightmare's level tripled! Now from 200 to 600 levels high! Skip through a little while, I was down to my last Pokemon. This thing was at lvl 873, higher than even Missingno. can even get to, and was about to eat Funbro, My Slowbro that I traded from Pokemon Yellow. I was in tears, as I did not want to loose my first ever glitch pokemon! I got him through the Pokemon Yellow lvl 100 before Brock glitch!

Then, as if it heard me, it said, in a text box because i always keep the volume off, "I will leave you with a warning, you may no longer alter my world with your codes. ( I assume he ment cheat codes.) You can no longer bring my kind where they should not be. ( Probably ment bringing hydreigons into these kind of games) and you will no longer treat us like we are not here. ( Probably meant acting like the pokemon are not living creatures.) The reason you could not fight me with the hydreigon, it is because I have saved it from your torture. You have been abusing it with your cheat codes. AnD YoU wIlL pAy."

Nightmare used nightmare!

I then got a bad headache. I felt tired and sick. Before I knew it, I collapsed on my bed.

Char! Char char! I heard what sounded like a charizard, and opened my eyes. Blaze! He was there! Standing right in front of me! I looked outside. It was pitch black. I must be dreaming, i thought. Than,, i heard a growl. Something flew across the window outside, and Blaze started to whimper. "Do not worry budd, probably a pidgoen, er, i mean, a pidgey." He kept wimpering, and than, *crash* something huge ripped through the wall. It grabbed me in one of its nine mouths and blaze in the other. It pulled us outside and i could see what it was. It was, that thing, that, living nightmare from the game. It then said, in a low, evil sounding voice, "welcome to my home." I looked around, there was glitchy bits everywere. People walking through walls, random peices of building everywhere. All the people were silent and staring. The thing used the back six of its heads to grab and eat them all. They did not move, dis not make a noise just stood there. Than he looked back at me and said, " this is all your doing. You messed with my world. And it is your fault they all die. I would thank you, if you had not been just s cruel to me and hydreigons. " he than turned me to look at the forest. There were hydreigond everywhere, but all of them where frozen in place. Parts missing and repaced withmissingno parts. But i wondered one thing, what would torturing me help at all? Than, he said, agian as if he read my mind, " oh, it wont. But it will sure feel good. To show you the pain i went through, to show you what it feels like to have to live in a world like this!" Than i woke up. I was swetting bad and terrafied. I went downstairs to get some food and calm down, and than i froze. Wh i saw than was terrafying. My whole family, in a pose as if they were doing there normal every day thinfs, froze in place. Peices of the house were missing, laying on the ground in front of the walls, and the only people who were not froze were walking through walls of there house mumbling about something called nightmare taking over. I did not think this effected me, untill i fell next to my house. I fell straight through the wall. I was confused say the least. How did nightmare change MY world? Than it hit me. He didnt. The same line rang through my head, "nightmare used nightmare!" This was still just a nightmare! He just was trying to teach me a lesson! But how can i wake up? Than, i herd a bunch of beeping. I woke up, in my room, my alarm was going off. I wet myself in my sleep, i was so scared. I then looked at my tablet, it was shut off. I turned it on, and the rom was gone. All cheat codes ive used on any of the games were gone to. I went on pokemon yellow, and there was funbro. It was over. I swore that i would never ever ever, use a cheat code agian. Accept the ones that wont ruin the world, like master ball cheat etc. He does not seam to mind those. I just wish that the bite mark on my arm would fade.

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