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Game Logic Can be ScaryEdit

...while scary stories are good and keep you awake at night with scary images and thoughts of your own...what about reality? Stories are just stories...and sometimes, the scariest things are FACTS.

We are in an age where splicing DNA and creating hybrids is common practice, and bio-engineering is just looking for gloabl clearance. Pokemon could one day be real...and while (for most of the fanbase) that would absolutely amazing and something of a dream come true...just stop and think about what that would really mean?

Creatures with psychic abilities, creatures made of fire. It would notbe like the cartoons...

Pokemon would not 'faint', and people could not suffer serious injury and walk away with just a few bandages. People could not get burned and have a charred face for only 3 seconds or more...again, this is REALITY we are talking about here.

Final ThoughtsEdit

If Pokemon were real...this world would be 110% more dangerous than it already is. Even if a pact were made between humans and Pokemon, it would affect our every way of life...from daily living to the bigger issues such as 'war'. So, just let it all soak in, the real-life dangers these creatures would pose.

Would you be ready for it?

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