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Welcome to the Pokepasta WikiEdit

Do you love pokepastas?

Pokepasta's are stories where Pokemon goes horror. Whether that is a tale about the classic video games, newer games, real-life hauntings, bad ROMS or even Poketales based off the anime or custom stories: you will find it all here in one convenient place!!!

The creator of this Wikia has not been on here for some time now, but while there are people that frequent the site as self-appointed moderators, know that they do not hold any administrator powers and/or privelages. For all requests concerning SPAM and other things that you think are unacceptable and possibly rule-breaking, you can try to reach the creator via the link given here -->   Poopy

But, for all other inquiries, feel free to reach out to Element02 and other such active members for help and guidance on smaller issues.


Happy Writing and Reading!

Latest activityEdit

Navigating the WikiEdit

Ok, so this is a growing wiki and things can get complicated.     We have a lot of different categories and lists, how do you know which one to search and which one to look up for new stories?  Never fear!  A grand list of categories and their meanings and requirements is being assembled and will be linked to right here.  Hopefully, it will make navigating the Wiki less of a hassle.   If you want to add to the list of categories, or believe that one has been mislabelled, you can get in touch with Talosmon who will be happy to help!

The list is now finished and avilable for viewing, this will hopefully help you get around the Wiki more easily as well as to find the stories that you like best!

The Grand List of Categories

Talosmon (talk) 01:15, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Writing PastasEdit

**Please make sure that, when copying Pokepastas from other sites that the story does not already exist here. We have been seeing many duplicates of stories that are already in the archives. Some are under different names so it would have been easy to miss them, but please, be more careful so that there is not so much of a jumbled mess. Thank you. This Wikia is for people to post up their favorite Pokepastas and for others to write their own custom stories and place them here for critique. While there are no strict rules or guidelines to what Pastas are a few little things to keep in mind when you are writing a Pokepasta, or even pasting one from a Creepy Pasta site:

  1. Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.
  2. Check your spelling. It may seem unimportant, but the better the grammar, the easier and more enjoyable it will be for people to read.
  3. When posting a Pasta from another site, please credit the place you found it AND the original author of the work (if you can find their name).
  4. Feel free to add images and videos for reference in Pastas...the more visual we have, the better your stories will be.
  5. If you are writing your own Pasta and do not want others to make edits to what you write, please make sure you have a highlighted disclaimer at the top of the page letting people know not to touch your page and etc.
  6. Please be respectful to others. This is a community that is based around giving critiques that make others aspire to better themselves. This is NOT a place to put others down and be rude. If you do not like the Pasta, politely state what you did not like about it, maybe add in a hint of how you think the pasta could be better, or just leave it alone. There is no need to curse or tell people "they suck". If you don't like this rule, then you do not need to be here.
  7. Try and be original with the title of your Pasta. Do not name something "Cursed ____ Version" we have a MILLION of those already!
  8. If you do NOT want someone to categorize your story in the wrong place, then make sure you categorize it yourself!!! I cannot do anything if someone puts your story into Trollpasta or some other place because you left it open and did not make the intention of your story clear.
  9. Lastly, have fun...this is a place to enjoy Pokemon horror, to get inspired, and to really test out your writing skills. each contribution helps this place grow, thrie, and develop into something I hope you will become a member and join in the fun.
---last edited by: Element02

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