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Do you love Pokepastas?

Pokepastas are creepypastas based around the usually kind Pokemon world.

Pokepastas can either turn out to be a Trollpasta, or a dark turn for this happy franchise.

They can be about anything:

Maddd Roms,

Loved cartridges,

Real life death, (We suggest writing in the third person for these, since WHO WOULD TYPE WHEN DEAD?!)

Games from your childhood that "hate you" and are sad that you were gone that end up haunting you for the rest of your life,

Or weird, unexplainable things that happen in the pokemon universe, to name a few.

Be creative and, have fun! And don't make crap. It's a real pain to clean the guts off the floor once we punish you. Welp, see ya!

From admin/creator

I am watching everyone! Now buhbye!

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