Pyroar's Blood Pride

It was March 09, 2014. My birthday. My parents had gotten me a 3DS and a game entitled Pokémon Y. I started up the game. Boy was I excited to play Pokémon Y. I picked the blonde haired character because it looked like me. I chose Chespin.

I played for an hour and got a full team. My favorite Pokemon I had so far was Litleo(Male) or Blood Pride, as I like to call it. He always brought victory at the last second with Noble Roar and Fire Fang. Heck, when he evolved, things got even better.

As I went to bed that night, I wondered if Blood Pride could fight nonstop. I fell into sleep dreaming good things. The next day I went to school. I told my friends about my Pokemon Y experience. They said: "Pyroar is not a good choice for the Elite Four." No matter what they said, I still used him. I bet they were just jealous I had a Pyroar. I got home early to do some homework. After that I played more Pokemon Y. I felt a strange chill down my back for some reason. I thought it was just the wind. I ended up losing to the Elite Four on my first try, with Pyroar fainting first, but I thought I was just unlucky. I tried three times again and I got the same results.

Finally I gave up, saying: "I'm done with my team." I replaced the bad ones, which were Pyroar, Pidgeot, and Vivillion, with Mamoswine, Alakazam, and a Magnezone I transferred from White.

( I feel good about what I've done and I hope you enjoyed another bit of this)

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