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There are code words in every story, see if you can find them! 


Story 1 : HannahEdit

Missy ran through the forest, her bushy ears flattened to the sides of her brown head.

"Daniel?!?  Daniel, where are you?!?" screamed Missy.  Just then, yet another bolt of lightning hit a tree and set it on fire as an ear-splitting wave of thunder obliterated the *Shh* of pouring rain.  Missy ran over to the fire with damp grass in her mouth, readying herslf to fight it, when another bolt of lightening struck.  It agaIn hit a nearby tree, but this time the tree fell, knocking over the other burning tree, and causing a enormous fire to begin spreading throught the entire forest.

"DANIEL! NO, NOT YOU- ... too..."  Missy fell to the ground sobbing, all hope lost.  However, Missy began to feel a familiar presence.  Not Daniel, someone... someone else...

"He's near the pond..." a voice said.  Not a true voice, Missy realized, but a voice inside her head.  Missy listened, and soon arrived at the pond.  Missy looked around, but couldn't find him.  Then a bolt of lightening struck the pond.  The water transFormed into lightening, and the pond started crackling and buzzing.  It was obviously the work of a Pokemon.

"No, NO!" screamed MissY. 

"You once gave me a gift, sO I decided I'd get one for you!" said a smiling, foUr month old Jolteon that had suddenly appeared beside MiSsy.  Missy was frozEn with fEar and... something else...  The JolTeon disappeared.  Missy looked up, as if she had done it before, at the biggest tree by the pond.  She slowly, and silently, stared a one of the higHest branches and, sure enough, DanIel was there screaming for help.  MisSy was sure she could see the faint outline of a Jolteon pushing Daniel off of the branch, but she didn't move.  She just stood there, frozen, a tear trickling down her cheek.  Right as Daniel fell, their eyes met, and everything was in slow motion, but then Daniel's falling sped up as he plummeted toward the uncontrollaBle mass of lightEning.  Missy sat and watched as Daniel was both electrocuted and droWned to deAth.  The Jolteon reappeaRed by Missy's shouldErs.

"Happy Birthday Mommy."

DON'T SCROLL DOWN, WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit


Hannah- Jolteon the Killer



Still here? Edit


I hope you found the code words.  OH YEAH! Letters in titles DON'T APPLY!  Just in the stories them selves. So... happy hunting! I guess...

Story 2 : AliceEdit

Alice slithered stelthily through the grass, a Rattata, carelessly gnawing on food, in her line of sIght.  She was about to go in for the kill, when a shrill noise caught her aTtention and frightened away the Rattata.  The young Arbok left the graSs and headed toward the nearby abandoned buildings to find the source of the noise.  Alice lived near an abandoned ciTy.  Her parents tOld her that it used to have lOts of people in it, untill a scream was heard comming from the nearby forest after a devestating fire.  Then everyone left, and the surrounding wiLderness consumed the once-lively city.  Alice knew she shouldn't go into the city, but her curiousity smothered her common sense.  When Alice was near the town center, she saw a dirty mass in one of the alley ways.  On closer inspection (her curiosity had gotten the better of her again), Alice saw it was the body of an Espeon... a deAd Espeon. Suddenly a message apeared: wArNiNg DaTa CoRRuPt

Alice was gripped with fear, but sTill managed to silther around to face the newcomEr when heavy footsteps approached.  It was a man, tall and bulky, with a cage in one hand, and a rope in the other.  He had a long coat with several pockets, some with oddly shaped bulges giving shape to the fabric.  He crouched on the ground and put his things to one side.  His eyes had a glazed, out-of-it look to them.  Alice shivered as his beefy hands reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a note.  His eyes seemed to skim over the words, but they didn't seem to really read aNy of it.  Alice had built up just enough cOurage to make a brake for it, when he spoke.

"You... saw h-her... m-m-must g-go... n-ow."

It was odd and choppy, and though Alice had never heard a real human speak, this just didn't seem natural.  His rough, dirt-caked hands picked her up and stuffed her into the cage.  Alice had been frozen with panic, but now she franticly tried to squeeze through the holes to her freedom.  The holes, hoWever, were too small for Alice to fit through, so she stopped.  Finally, after a long walk, Alice noticed they were deep in the woods.  The trees around them were all scorched and broken.  She saw with horror that, though it had been a few years since the fire, no new vegitation had grown.  The man opened the cage, pulled her out, and set her down on the ground.  Alice looked at the Pokemon in front of her, and would have screamed, but never got the chance.


HINT: Letters that would be like that anyway because of grammar laws DON'T COUNT; Proper nouns, Words at the begining of every sentance, words in all capitals

Also these notes don't count.  Happy hunting!

Story 3: SleepEdit

Aurora the Gardevoir paced around her room.  Her crowning cerimony was tonight.  Tonight she would become a REAL princess, insTead of just a child of royalty.  Three Florges floated into the room.  One was red, one was blue, and one was wHite.  The rEd one floated forward and spoke.

"Aurora, there is somthing we would like to saY to you."

"WhAt?" inquired AuRora.

" soon as you are named princEss...we are going begin preparing for" muttered Flora, the red Florges.

"WHAT!?  I-YOU-BUT...NO! YOU-YOU CAN'T!" screeChed Aurora.  The FlOrges looked into each other's eyes.  They were all thinking the saMe thing.

"It's for the best..." said Fauna, the white Florges, patting the blue Florges on the arm while she (Merryweather, the blue Florges) nodded sadly.

"Gallade King Stefan", said Flora, "gave orders to, if you didn't cooperate, l-lock you... in your tower."  Aurora's eyes went wild.  She screaMed and kicked as the three Florges used their powers to float her up the stairs and disable her psychic powers.  When she was in the room, they used their powers to lock the door and cause her to fall asleep.

Weeks later, after fighting a malicIous Banette that had, near the end of the battle, turned into a Salamence, a brave Gallade prince from a different kingdom, Phillip, made his way up the tower to Aurora.  When reaching the sleeping princess, he arrogaNtly kissed her, his ego very inflated because of his slaying of the malicious Banette/Salamence.  When he kissed her, Aurora woke up, saw Phillip, ... then used her psychic powers to float both of them to the roof of the tower.  Aurora then disGustedly pushed Phillip off of the tower's roof.  The surprised Phillip grabbed the front of Aurora's dress and sent them BOTH off of the roof.

When the three Florges found their bloody carcasses in front of the tower, they were silent.

"Someone," said Flora, "someone didn't want us to follow the story."        


The crown




on Friday I'm going to watch Maleficent...

I'm SO original!

Oh yeah, if you are the first person to get all of the answers to the three stories right, I will customize the next story for your liking!

Requirements (in your post)

  1. Must be logged in
  1. Must put down all three answers IN ONE NOTE
  1. Must put favorite pokemon in the note
  1. Must put either Villain, Hero, or I don't care next to Pokemon's name so I know what role you want

Thanks, good luck, and Happy Hunting! 

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