Rethink :


You probably know all about the threats made against Pokemon, which has

been accused of supporting/advertising:

  • Racism
  • Fascism
  • Animal abuse (BTW P.E.T.A. Crashed my computer. Just Sayin'.)

But, if you think about it, living INSIDE the Pokemon world would be VERY dangerous, even life-threatining!  Now, you might be thinking:

  • WHAAA!!???
  • Stop! You're ruining my childhood! ;n;

But entertain the thought for a moment, as you enter a world of fear.

Let us begin at the place you remember so well.  I will make it vague so that it can be applied to any game.

  1. You see your cold, unfeeling mother, who sends you out into the world without any protection
  2. You visit the professor who gives you a mere weakling compared to other monsters to protect yourself
  3. You brutally wound other monsters for the benefit of your own
  4. You capture some of the stonger monsters in tiny, space-deprived sphears
  5. You force your chosen monsters to fight in vicious battles using their energy needed to survive
  6. The world is run by one corporation
  7. Organized crime runs rampant
  8. You battle against leaders of "Gyms" who have strong monsters of a certain type
  9. You take other's money when you have beaten-up their monsters
  10. You catch many monsters so you must put some in "boxes" where they will be ignored and neglected
  11. You collect "badges" certifing you have defeated a gym leader
  12. You battle your "rival", the main competetor against you
  13. You eventually beat the "Elite Four", the stongest of all trainers
  14. You go to distant caves or islands to catch literal gods
  15. You unlock the secrets only avalilabe after beating the Elite Four

So, rethink, is life inside Pokemon really so care-free and friendly?


But probably not.

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