General Rules Edit

There are several rules for everyone's convenience and safety. Three strikes and you're out just like that, so remember to obey the rules.

  • All trollpastas must be written in blog posts.
  • Respect each other
  • Content that could be considered NSFW is prohibited
  • Crossover Pokepastas are allowed, but don't go overboard with them
  • Don't harass another member of the community
  • Every pokepasta or pokemon related page MUST have the category Pokemon in it, because it's very hard to track down pages that don't have them.
  • PLEASE get explicit written permission from the artist before uploading images to the wiki!
  • If a page is protected through CC-BY-SA, remember to credit the original author and say that it is protected by CC-BY-SA.
  • Do not give out your address, phone number or family name to users who you don't trust. Your city/state/country and first name is still allowed.

If a person was caught breaking a rule three times or more, it will result in a ban. Please report a cyber-bully or a rule-breaker to an active Adminstrator or Moderator. Remember it all, and good luck on your stories!

Chat Rules Edit

Yes, we have rules for our Webinar Chat too. This is for public safety, and for your own too. These rules MUST be obeyed. When you break a Chat rule for the first time, you will receive a warning. For the second time, you will receive another warning, and on the third time, you may be kicked from the chat.

  • No links that lead to inappropriate sites
  • Invitations to games are allowed, but keep in mind that some kids view this wiki, so please consider a game that is rated from G, to PG.
  • No pornography or other NSFW content is allowed. This will immediately earn you a ban.
  • Don't start a fight. This might cause local-wiki rivalry, and that's bad as some lead to bans.
  • Don't discriminate against anyone. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, etc. will not be tolerated.

Please note that there is no rule against saying your age/location in the chat, but we advise you give this information out carefully.

Honour Rules Edit

These rules are for your self-respect. When you break an Honour Rule, no matter what, you can only be warned or banned for 24 hours. Infinite bans for this rule only apply if the user has been reported more than 10 times for bullying, fighting, and arguing.

  • Do NOT bully others.
  • If you want to argue please don't do it in comments. Nobody wants to see that. Take it to chat or something.
  • Please respect the admins, mods, and the other users.

Forum Rules Edit

These are the rules for the Forum. The ban conditions for these are the same as those of the Chat Rules.

  • No NSFW content is allowed.
  • Only registered users are allowed to post on the Staff Board, Awards Board, and News & Announcements board.
  • Please post your content in the right board.
  • Don't harass others because of a debate
  • Report offenders to any admin

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