Well your probably thinking oh a new pokepasta I bet it's going to start like every other one with a cartridge well if you think that your dead wrong. 

It started when my friend traded me 3 shiney pokemon umbreon,jirachiri,and keldeo.I couldn't wait to look at them I got on my pc and saw something strange all 3 only knew these moves wish,doom desire,dark pulse,and flash,all with 100 pp except flash that had only one. Weird I thought , but then again my friend does like playing tricks maybe she did it to scare me but then a thought crossed my mind can keldeo and jirachi even learn dark pulse ? just then umbreons rings turned red and its eyes turned to black voids then the screen went black five seconds laaster the screen came back except I was in my room all the shiney pokemon came out and we're in deformed shapes and their was another shiney pokemon it was pikachu I checked my team the names had changed to wddf the first letters of their attacks.then an ear splitting shriek came from the speakers the think I could make out as jirachiri opened the eyelids on its stomach and I saw a dark void fill the room then the pikachu started flying then it spun in circles came out of the ds and I blacked out when my eyes closed and the last thing I heard was you left me then I knew it was the pikachu I traded on gts for a level 100 mewtwo he came back for revenge .

after that I woke up in the hospital they said I had a seizure but I broke my white 2 game as well I tried to tell them what really happened but they didn't listen they thought I had just hit my head but I know the truth and that's all that matters.