(15) derma

A picture of The Derma taken by a drone

Ever herd of Derma? no? yeah.. didn't think so. Many people don't think it's real. But, I can assure you.. it's very real. You see, the pokemon known as "Derma" was created by an ancient tribe thousands of years ago. Weather it was by accident or intentional is another matter. The Derma is a legendary Pokemon that hates EVERYTHING. Other pokemon, people, objects, you name it. it's move set is similar to that of other legendaries. Such as Giratina or Darkrai. It's exact type is unknown. Because it knows the move Shadow force, it's believed to be a ghost type. But it can also use moves like Ancient Power, Special Rend and Outrage. The pokemon has a human shape. But it's skin is a dark black color. Where it's face should be, there is a glowing, red rectangle. The abilities this thing has are unfathomable. According to research by numerous pokemon experts, it can time travel, modify a person or pokemon's gender, modify the time of day and weather, pass through solid matter, possess other pokemon and humans and animate objects, among many other abilities.

It's location is near Mt. Silver. I can't give you an exact location, as it's top secret. The picture above was taken by a drone. The area is guarded by soldiers. It can be seen flying over an ancient, stone building. Numerous other pokemon can be seen guarding it. From what can be seen, there is a Flareon, Eveee, Two Absols and even a Darkrai. They look normal, other than their eyes. Their eyes are a dark blue color. Any pokemon or person who gets close will be struck with a bright, purple orb. If a person or pokemon is hit by it, they are obliterated from existence. Any attempt to catch Derma have failed. Even with a master ball, no luck. Not even the best of trainers can stop it.

That is all we know so far. There is still much to learn. More information will be released as soon its discovered. The Derma is indeed one of the most dangerous, viscous and interesting Pokemon in existence. Quite possibly the most terrifying part about it is the unknowing of it's nature, how it works. How will we ever hope to stop it? Shall we be misfortune enough to go face to face with this being for our selves?

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