Hi i'm Jessica aka the ForgottenBulba and this is my first poképasta so hope u like it!

The Forgotten Bulbasaur

"Why?" This is the thing I ponder every day and night, why you may ask?! Well imagine that ever one you ever know or knew hated you and rejected you... Well, that's my life.

It all started at Professor Oaks place. At first there were four of us: me, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu. We were the starters for the generation! Trainers would come to Oak asking for one of us. They picked their favourite, then left. I was never picked... I just sat there watching my brothers and sisters leave.

Professor Oak was getting sick of me, so he decided to send me to the Poké Daycare... I really wish he hadn't.

It was the my first day and there was a lot of Pokémon, so Oak left me and I went inside, but the in the middle was Squirtle. "Brother!" I shouted, but he glared at me and just said, "Do I know you?". I was confused and sad because that was my could he say that? So I sat down and went to sleep to clear my mind.

But to my surprise, when I woke up, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu surrounded me. "My brothers, how are you!"

I said, but they didn't answer me instead replied with "Wheres your trainer?, oh wait you don't have one!" Every Pokémon in the room started to laugh at me, so I ran out of the room to find Oak, but I'd forgotten that he left. After I walked back into the room with my head looking down, I could still everyone whispering loner or reject and even mistake.

Why were they being so mean to me? What had I done wrong? Had I done anything wrong?

The next day was the same, me getting embarrassed by the others and me being lonely as ever. But as the week went on It got worse. Charmander burnt me, Squirtle locked me outside in the hail and and Pikachu paralysed me.

Every day now I wish for Oak to come back but until then I sit in the dark corner in silence.

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