by ForgottenBulba

Why did Oak leave me to face this horrible fate which was my life? Why did Oak subject me to this torment? Did Oak know this would happen?

These are the questions I wish I didn't have to ask myself every day. But I knew one day I could get out of the hellhole they call the Pokémon Daycare, but I didn't know what Poké Highschool was like. But now I do... I wish I could go back to the Daycare!

Again in Highschool I was picked on by everyone possible. For example, Snivy used Vine Whip to hold me up then Torchic used Flame Charge which burned my whole body then fianlly Riolu used High Jump Kick till I was knocked out.

When I finally gathered up my little remaining strength I weakly stood up, to realised the seed on my back was gone and that my back was covered in red. Although I was weak I still had to look for it, and there was Charmander with my seed. I pleaded and pleaded for him to give it back but instead of that he used Ember and my seed caught alight. I ran as fast as possible towards it, but as I reached it, it wasn't a seed anymore,it was more like a pile of ashes.

I was sick of this! And I couldn't take any more of this so I ran away, away from everyone, away from School and away from the torture.

A few days later... I was hiding in the depths of Twist Mountain, away from everything possible... besides the Woobat and Zubat but they just stay away anyway. As the days go past so do the Trainers and the only food there was were dead Rattata, its not preferable but its how I got by.

A week has gone passed and I've turned completely white, I tried to convince myself that I was evolving but that lasted a minute before I came to my senses and reminded myself that I was actually dying, but as i close my eyes for the last time I think at least I can die in peace.

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