The Return

It has come back.

        I saw it again. My worst nightmare. The Poochyena. Only now, it has come back to haunt my mind as something else. Something far worse. Something.......angrier. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

        Day 1: Entry 1

                        Before my father died, he gave me his old Ruby cartridge, and whispered in my ear, "Destroy it.......destroy..............him." I tried to ask him what he meant, but by that time, he was already a flat line. My mother cried her eyes out, and I just went into a world of my own creation, wondering if this had anything to do with his death. So, when we got home, I automatically pulled out my Gameboy Advance, and popped in the worn out cartridge to investigate my father's final words to me. The game started off like a normal Ruby game would, but then when it went to the game file screen, where it should have been my father's old file was one word going across it in red words: TERMINATED. I gasped, falling out of my chair that I was in. My mother, Kylie, came into the room and started to ask me what was wrong when she saw the game.

                        Her face turned bone white, and her eyes were bulging out of her head. She ran to me and grabbed the game, yelling, "NOT YOU TO! DON"T EVER PLAY THIS WRETCHED THING EVER AGAIN! I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER DIE!" She then threw it across the room,and it shattered into pieces. As she stormed out, I began to put the game back together.

Day 2

Day 2: Entry 1:

                        I finally fixed the game, and begun to play it in secret. I started a new file, and came across the different starters: Houndour, Poochyena, and Growlithe. I dared not to make my father's mistake, and chose the Houndour, wondering what would happen. As soon as my sprite stepped out of the Pokemon Lab, I saw it.

                        The Mightyena sat on its hind legs, which were ripped and torn badly, almost as if it had decided to walk into a lawn mower. It's face was half gone, the exposed skull and blood making me hold my own head in fear. Its fur was mangled and covered in blood, ripped and torn, and at the time, I thought it was a glitch. Then, it spoke to me.

                        "YoU rEpLAced ME! hOW DaRE yOu! I CaNNot rUIN yoU HeRe, For iT IS aGAInst mY Code. But, I wiLL Get You, JaCKson, Son oF JArEd. MArk mY WOrds!" Then, the monster vanished. I quickly saved and turned off my game, afraid to even speak the name again.

Entry 2:

                        I reluctantly played again, for my father's sake. I had to do this for him. I had to get my vengeance for him. I had to make my mom happy.

Day 5

Day 5: Entry 1:

                        Sorry about those missing days. I've just had to get over the events. I'll recap for you. In the last two days, I basically fought the gym leaders and the Elite Four. When I got to the champions, they were both dead, their throats and hearts ripped out savagely, and you can probably tell what did it. I then left the League and flew back to Fallabor Town, where I saw it ravaged. People were dead in the streets, their bodies heavily mutilated. I then saved and turned it off, ending the two allnighters. Now, I'm sitting here, in a battle, with the monster itself.

                        It laughed at me, not the sprite, me, when it started. I sent out my Gengar, which should have been able to withstand its attack, but it didn't work. The thing used Bite, and it literally ate the Gengar. I sent out my Groudon, and it disintegrated it with Dark Pulse. My Camerupt was the next to go, fallen prey to another Dark Pulse. My Sharpedo had no chance, being swept away by another Bite. My fifth Pokemon, my Houndour, was decapitated by Guillotine, which I was surprised that the Mightyena knew that move.

                        Then, I brought back painful memories for the Mightyena; my last Pokemon was a Steelix.

                        At this, the entity howled, and the whole arena was shrouded in darkness. My Steelix just stared at the Mightyena, "YOU KILLED MY FATHER! NOW, I WILL DESTROY YOU!" It used Iron Tail, and knocked down Mightyena all the way to one hp. I smiled in triump as I was excited, for victory was near.

                        But then the blow came. Mightyena's sprite stood up, and a textbox appeared, saying simply, "MIGHTYENA used Turn!" The sprite of the thing walked over to Steelix, and ripped a spike off its body, and bite it violently. The Steelix roared in pain, and suddenly fell still. I began to cry as I knew that it was over, but then, the Steelix moved. For a second, hope sparked in me, and then that spark was extinguished, for my Steelix had turned black, and sided with the Mightyena. They both attacked my sprite, cutting it into three pieces, and then the Mightyena looked at ME.

                        It simply said: "No eSCape!"


-Five days later, Jackson was found dead in the woods south of his house, his whole body ripped open and shredded, leaving the corpse boneless, for its bones were crushed into the skin. On the crime scene, there were two pieces of evidence: one was a red Gameboy Advance with a Pokemon Ruby cartridge, and the other was a message enscribed in blood:

                                                                                                                        NO EScaPe-

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