You have no father, and your best friend is an orphan.

Children are going on journies around the world.

Your mother accepts you as the man on the house, making your own decisions.

Old man warns you of dangers around the corner.

Most people you meet are children and/ or gym leaders.

Most adult men are either very old, or have a job related to the military or organized crime.

Hospitals and gyms are everywhere, but no forms of entertainment such as movie theaters.

LT. Surge:

"Hey kid! What do you think your doing here? You won't live long in combat!

That's for sure! I tell you what kid, electric Pokemon saved me during the war!"

You now realize that there was a war in Kanto.

Your father died, and your rival lost his parents.

You are amongst the first generation of people to live in peace at post-war time

-writen by Anonomous

--1kenny30 (talk) 23:57, December 29, 2012 (UTC)