Today was a day like none other. I found my Pokemon Pearl Cartridge! I had been searching for it forever, and I found it. Sadly, it was washed out and I never knew it was Pokemon Pearl until I was forced to play it... I regret every moment of playing... When I got on, the title screen music was a little distorted, but I found this normal for a washed out cartridge.


This is the Pokemon Pearl!

When I got into the game, the gameplay was a bit choppy, but again, normal. I looked at my old team. Still all normal pokemon, but they were all named in a sentence form, "Get Out Before They Get You" I began to be creeped out by this, but ignored it. I was too happy. I played on, and a loud "THUD" sound came in through the DS, and I was wierded out by this. For some reason, I always checked the signs, and one said "Check your pokemon..." I then did, and they were all now named, "Why Did You Not Listen Andrew?" I was wondering what was going on, and my awarelessness attitude changed to watching everywhere around me.

I then proceeded to check the summary. Yuck! My Infenapes eye was missing, a leg gone, and it's flame out. The rest of them were the same as Infernape. Everyone of them, distorted and zombie-like. I wanted to play through this... even though I was terrified. I looked around for ages. Walking, no one was here. I was then suddenly teleported to a place. It said at the top, "No Hope" as if it were the name of the place. It was a forest, filled with trainers... but they were all pale and zombie-like too... and instead of standing still, everytime I would move, they would move one step closer. That's why it was so large.

Eventually it got to the point where if I moved... I would be smashed by two trainers... I was. A humongous scream came in the textbox: "AHHHHHHHHHH!" My characters face popped up in the screen and it was zombified. I was spawned in a place named, "Lost World" and It was black. As far as the eye could see, darkness. I couldn't walk back or sideways, so I went forward. I checked my pokemon and they were all Magikarps named "DEAD". I followed the path until suddenly the game froze. I was about to pop it out when I pressed "X" and the menu popped up. My pokemon were now named "No More Movement Only Death Comes" I chuckled at this as I know in pokemon, you can't die. "ASH blacked out!" it said. I knew I would be teleported to a pokemon center. But... I wasn't. Instead it stayed there and said... "It's over."

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