I don't know if this thought gladdens me anymore, to be honest. The thought of having a partner for life. The thought of being best friends eternally. The thought of not dying.

I remember, vaguely, through dulling eyes, naive ten-year-old me, so eager to become a Pokémon master. Naive, ten-year-old me holding my starter, a Rowlet, in my hands, showing her off to all my friends yet to receive their Pokémon. Naive ten-year-old me asking her-Anon-"We'll be together forever, no matter what, right?" Always a hoot in response. "You promise?" Another soft, sweet hoot. And the promise was never broken, for loyal Pokémon, they never break promises so long as the sands of time allow it. My head, it hurts too much to tell if this was the right desicion...

She took a while to evolve into a Dartrix, that's for sure. I was taunted and teased for owning a "weak" Pokémon, but that's nothing compared to...

I'm sorry, the gash in my stomach just widened a little bit, that's all. Really, not a big deal. Not as big a deal as how I chose to stay with Anon. You see, leaving would probably kill her, especially at this point. Because when a Decidueye uses Spirit Shackle on your deathbed, that means it loves you, it loves you far, far too much, and I'm just going to keep pretending I don't know I'll never get to frolic and laze about in heaven, because she kept her end of the promise. I'll keep mine by reminding myself no matter how much scarlet flows from my mouth we'll be together forever, happily, and I'm alive. I think.

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