Torracat (Taken straight from the game!)

Hello, my name is Torracat, a Pokèmon from a copy of Pokèmon Sun.

During my time as a Litten, I thought that trainers were mean and cruel, and would only have Pokèmon fight until they fainted. But Tinder showed me otherwise. He fed me Pokèbeans and pet me and took care of me. He soon met and caught other Pokèmon, and I soon had a lot of friends to interact with. Tinder's Team:

Torracat: LVL 19 (Male)

Abra: LVL 15 (Male)

Growlithe: LVL 16 (Male)

Pikachu: LVL 15 (Female)

Strange and absurd things started happening to us on our journey. Tinder gained infinite Masterballs, even though there is only one. He got a lot of rare candies, and Abra even prematurely evolved into Kadabra. When Abra evolved, it gained a lot of knowledge. When we were eating breakfast at the Malasada Shop, I asked Kadabra, "What has been going on lately? Surely you would know, right?"

Kadabra replied, "I am thinking that Tinder is manipulating our universe from the behind the 4th Wall. The 4th wall is a mysterious barrier separating the non-digital humans from our reality. From there, they can control our every move. There is one trainer from every dimension controlled by one of those humans. Some do not have the power straight away, so they must gain that power in some way."

"That's not true!" I replied, thinking that Kadabra's words were just all lies.

Later on, when things got weirder, and weirder, and I began believing Kadabra more and more. Tinder gained the power to create his own Pokèmon. He hacked in a LVL 100 shiny Arceus named "Godborn."

Another day passed, and early in the morning, I felt a strange power pulse inside of me. I was evolving! But how? I was still only LVL 19. I went through with it anyway.

Three days later, Tinder went completely insane with his godlike powers. The universe couldn't take it anymore. Trainers started dissolving into a glitchy mess, and Pokèmon were screwed up badly. Deep into our daily adventures, our team members started dissolving. First, Growlithe, then, Godborn, then Pikachu, even Kadabra.

Finally, it was my turn.

I felt my insides tingling with pain and excitement. I shout to the sky, my arms open wide, and then it happened...

My life ended thanks to a cruel, selfish trainer using unnatural forces to benefit him and spoil him...
Incineroar is dying.

Incineroar, dying.

NOTES: This was my first Pokepasta, so I tried to make it as great as possible. And I tried to avoid clichès like: DIE DIE DIE HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD DIE DIE DIE!!!1!!1|| That is all.

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