I don’t want to die
That’s what they all say. That’s what they all beg me to not do.

Please don’t take my soul.

But I do not have a choice, if only they realized it. I do not like to take away the souls of the dying. Those who beg me to let them stay, to let them live.

If only they knew.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I travel throughout the city, seeking the soul who calls me. I can feel it. I can feel death. I find the house which I was looking for. Within it’s walls lies a person close to death. I have often passed by this particular dwelling, the feeling of death strong, only to find that the old man within has recovered slightly, but not completely. He is going to die due to the disease, but not yet. I am glad that the time has finally come. His suffering was painful to watch. I often came to visit the old man, and we talked for awhile. Since he was so close to death, we were able to communicate through telepathy. He always seemed concerned when I came, and I always assured him that his time had not come yet. We spoke of my duty, and of his worries. He did not want to leave behind his wife and children, his friends and his life. I told him that almost all were like that. Now, even though his body is lying down, his soul is sitting up, waiting for me like an old friend. And in many ways, I am. I visit the people who are slowly dying, and relieve them of their pain. I take away their souls to where they truly belong, and sometimes I just talk to them.

As I come closer to the old man, he smiles. He is no longer afraid of death, he tells me. He has lived a long and healthy life, and is going to wait for his family in Heaven, where he belongs. As I take his hand, I feel another call of death. But I will not leave this soul to wander. I will take him where he belongs, and then go for the next one. We talk as I lead him away from his body, and I am glad that the old man is at peace with his death. I have great respect for souls who welcome death in a calm manner.

I guide the old man to a fountain placed in the heart of the city, and leave. Mew will be coming to guide the soul to Heaven, and it will not be safe for me to stay there when she came. I set off in search of the other soul who had been calling me. I found him in an alleyway.  These kind of souls disgust me. The ones who eagerly awaited death, while not even trying to help themselves. The ones who had nothing more to live for, whose hopes had been crushed, those people were a different matter. But people like this one who, when having to work for themselves, chose to do nothing, they disgusted me. I led his skeletal thin, grinning form towards a wasteland, situated at the outskirts of the city. There, Shedinja waited for me. I left the soul there. Shedinja would be able to take this soul to Hell without my help, no matter how much the man struggled.

Lastly, there was another call to attend. I felt this call from the start, but had ignored it, for it was the hardest to decide. But I had to go to that soul in the end, so I went to the Pokémon laboratory, and headed south from the entrance. The lab was an easy way for me to remember his house. I hated going there, so I had avoided it. I floated into the house of the scientist.

I found him sitting at his desk, both body and soul. I observed his soul for a while, unmoving. He noticed my presence, and turned to smile in  my direction. Not the kind smile that made me feel welcome, nor the kind that has been waiting for death. His smile was one of superiority, like the kind that you would expect from a predator who is about to kill you. one who knows when you are going to die.

“ You've kept me waiting.”

I remained silent. He sighed.

“I suppose that you've come to take me away, hm? Sensing that I’m close to death.”

I still didn't speak. 

“ You probably have some revenge planned for me. I was the one who revealed your true self. A thief. Don’t you ever feel the least bit sorry, stealing souls? Or are you so desperate for a soul of your own that you don’t seem to care about how many souls you devour?”

I didn't say a word, just silently extended my hand. The scientist  cautiously took hold of it. I gently pulled the soul out of it’s body. As we passed through the wall of his house, he shuddered.

“ Why is it so cold? I feel strange. No longer…connected. What’s happening? Where are we going?”

I pointed to a bench, hidden in the shadows.


To decide your future.
He looked startled when he heard my voice. “You… can talk?”

I ignored him and lead him to the bench. Once both of us were seated, I answered his question.

Yes, I speak. I speak to the souls of the dying and dead alike.
“Why are we sitting here? Are you going to devour my soul?”

No. I do no such thing. I am not a devourer of souls, like you claim, but a guide. I guide souls to their true afterlife.
“But, I have seen you! I have seen you suck something from dead bodies! Wasn't that their soul?”

No. I lead souls into their afterlife. I decide where they belong.
“ You decide whether they go to Heaven or not? How is that possible?” Then, after a slight pause, he added,” Where do I belong? I have contributed so much to science, or does that not count? How do you decide where to send someone?”

I do not see your past accomplishments or crime. In death, none of that matters. Let us talk.
I had not decided what to do with this soul yet. He interested me. At first I had thought to send him to Shedinja, but as we talked more, I felt that this soul was not bad. He acted like everything should be the way he thought, but he also had an undying curiosity. I remember him asking something that no one had asked about death.

“Why did I suddenly feel cold when I left my house?”

You left your house, and with it, everything you lived for. After that, there is no means for you to ever return, even as a ghost.
We sat down. I was tired from wandering the city, and quiet hungry. For a moment, I considered really devouring his soul. I was famished, and I HAD eaten souls before. The truly despicable ones, who didn't even deserve death. but it seemed wrong to eat a soul like this, one who was so…innocent. Yes, he was innocent. Although he had uncovered secrets of Pokemon throughout his life, he was still open to new ideas, and he did not know many of the horrors of death that other souls faced in Hell. I promised myself that he would not find out. I lead him to the fountain, but rather than leave, I waited for Mew. When she arrived, her eyes were confused,  but she didn't say anything.

Take good care of him
It was no more than a whisper, but she heard it. She nodded. I turned to the scientist, whose eyes were wide with wonder. He turned his wonder-filled eyes towards me,” I guess this is goodbye?” he said. I nodded. 

He held out his hand, and we shook hands. He then looked into my eyes and said,” I am sorry for whatever I said about you when I was alive, and even when we met. You have a soul, and a heart. A true heart. I shall wait for you above.” Saying so, he went up to Mew, and a glowing bubble eloped them. It slowly floated up, until I could no longer see them. I continued to stand there, until my rumbling stomach woke me from my trance. I had saved that scientist because his soul was pure. It was filled with kindness that his many layers of indifference could not hide from me. Just like my trainer. Speaking of which; I should get back home before my trainer got worried. She would come looking for me if I did not return soon, so I set out home.

She was busy writing something when I arrived in our room at the Pokémon Centre. She stood up as she saw me.

“Well, where have you been all day? You must be hungry, hang on ,I’ll go get some food for you.”

She set down a bowl before me, and I dug in , famished. She laughed and bent down to pat me. “You really were hungry, huh? Don’t wander off for so long again, I was really worried. Stay close next time. We will be leaving soon, and I don’t want to leave you behind. Ok, Lampent?”


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