I was playing Pokemon Blue today looking for an Eevee in the game. Since I heard that you can find them at the garden behind the mansion, I thought I could have a look since they are my favourite Pokemon. I’ve never seen a female Eevee and I wanted one to make Eevee eggs. I talked to a fellow trainer in the game and to my luck, “a cute Eevee came up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.” When I got into the garden I ran into one. it was an ugly green colour and I knew it wasn’t shiny since I’ve seen a shiny one, they're silver. But it was female so I caught the Eevee with a Pokeball without damaging it. When I checked its moves, it said the Eevee had two: Bite and Infect. I never really thought about those moves because they are both normal-type.

I took out the trainers easily and when I fought the Pokemon and made them faint it said that the Pokemon died, which I thought was just some glitch. I finally  went against the Elite Four, used the Eevee and won. She was the only one I used because my moves never missed and were always “a one hit K-O!” And strangely was the only one in the Hall of Fame but I didn’t care. My Eevee was at level 62 so I thought I would evolve her into Vaporeon, since I already had a Water Stone.

When I gave it the Water Stone the evolution screen said: “WH47? Z0MB13 33V33 15 3V0LV1NG!” When it evolved my Eevee transformed into a grey vaporeon with black eyes sharp spikes on her back and missing her tail fin. Her cry was dull and slow. There was no congratulations screen or anything though there was the same evolution music that I know and love. It learned a new move, too,“Rise”. I went into battle and used the move Rise on a Pikachu. Then all the Pokemon used bite and infect. They came out of the ground and realistically killed my character and a screaming noise could be heard in the background. All it said was “Valerie is screaming in pain! The zombies like her flesh it's fresh...Fresh..”

I stared down at the screen my mouth gaped open. A cutscene started. The Vaporeon I raised was staring at me sitting down tail neatly around her bloody paws with a crooked smile on her face looking right at me. She said “B3 C4R3FUL WH47 Y0U C47CH.” Then my game shut off and never would turn back on. I took the game to Game Exchange to traded it in for Pokemon Red. I just hope people really realise how dark and twisted Pokemon really is.

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