• AriatheMew

    Pokemon Faraway Version

    November 4, 2015 by AriatheMew

    Mew is the last Pokemon you'd expect to be vicious and cruel. However, like power can corrupt, even Mew isn't safe from evil. I learned this. All because of a hack I downloaded from a so called "friend". I remember the date exactly; January 21st. Snow was light, yet dark clouds had hid all the sunlight in my area. I was on my laptop, making my rounds with typing bloody fan fictions; my forte. When someone I didn't even know messaged me on my long-lost Skype account my laptop was constantly logged in to. Rolling my eyes, I opened Skype, and read it. "Hi friend! You may not know me, but I know you. I know you love Pokemon, so I think this hack I found might be of your interests!"  I blinked, slightly confused. Looking to the profile of the s…

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