aka Charlotte

  • I live in New York
  • I am Female
  • Crystar800

    Hi everyone! 

    I hope you are all stoked as I am for Pokemon X and Y!

    I'm taking this time for a bit of time to introduce myself. I don't like giving my age, but I will say I am in college. I mentoned before that I'm from New York. That's all the personal stuff I'll say.

    I work on ROM hacks a lot, along with a bit of mods for 2K13. You can try visiting my PokeMods wiki when you have the chance. I'll take your request for a hack anytime, but be sure to read the rules on the main page. So far, it's population is a staggering... 3. 

    You'll also find me at Islanders/Nets games alot in the upcoming season. I'm a die hard fan, so that's what I do. Not the kind that goes around following the team or painting themselves the team colors.. but you know, …

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