Hi everyone! 

I hope you are all stoked as I am for Pokemon X and Y!

I'm taking this time for a bit of time to introduce myself. I don't like giving my age, but I will say I am in college. I mentoned before that I'm from New York. That's all the personal stuff I'll say.

I work on ROM hacks a lot, along with a bit of mods for 2K13. You can try visiting my PokeMods wiki when you have the chance. I'll take your request for a hack anytime, but be sure to read the rules on the main page. So far, it's population is a staggering... 3. 

You'll also find me at Islanders/Nets games alot in the upcoming season. I'm a die hard fan, so that's what I do. Not the kind that goes around following the team or painting themselves the team colors.. but you know, a fan.

Alright down to the fun stuff.

The Emerald Race

I want us to have a bit of fun with a race through Emerald. Another hacker/programmer that I have well respect for made an Ultimate Randomizer for Pokemon ROMS. I was surprised he made it so it can work for all games through Gens 1-5. I made my own randomizer settings and I want you guys to join me in a speedrun to see who can finish first.

Winning Conditions: Beat Steven in the post-game.

To join, firstly, you'll need the randomizer.

Now you'll need my presets file .

Most importantly let me know if you're joining in the comments section below. Let's try to get at least four people in on this, including myself. 

Don't start yet, though! Wait for the others first. I'll let you know when to start.

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