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  • I live in In the universe
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is youtuber of all kinds of videos
  • I am A POSH PUNK
  • Dark primarina

    Hi everyone I'm dark primarina and I'm here to ask a request for everyone here

    I think there should be more kalos and Alola region pokepastas because Kalos was the most popular region and XY was the most popular series and everyone loved it and Alola should have its pokepasta time to shine because it's new and I love it

    There are interesting Pokemon never used as a villain like the kalos starter Pokemon basics and evolutions, haxorous, goodra, slurpuff, the basic and evolutions of the Alolan region, volcanion, and all the others (in Alola and kalos)

    We need new stories like as many as the Creepypasta wiki because our wiki should be as respected and what's not to love about our little Wikipedia? Because everybody should love pokepastas even …

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