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  • Element02

    So I finished playing Ultra Moon and found some interesting things to write about. But because they are kinda short subjects and the like, I decided to try my hand at pokepasta poetry rather than full-on stories. So, I hope they are good. I have a few more ideas but dunno when I can get around to writing them.

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  • Element02

    Updates 08/17

    August 22, 2017 by Element02

    So, taking time this week to try and find soem more stories to add.

    I am back from my honeymoon so I can continue editing. I still have ideas for my own 'stories', but they will be something a little different. I only hope they are good when I post them :)

    But yeah, thought I would update everyone on my plans and what is going on.

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  • Element02

    Sorry for not posting here, but I have been super busy.


    I could not be happier :)

    But, it has been an adventure trying to get everything situated, and trying to get everything planned--- then getting married itself was a trip because we had to go to 2 separate courts and such.

    But yeah, I am back and will hopefully do some editing tonight. Just wanted to keep everyone updated

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  • Element02

    I should have probably asked this sooner...since E3 was last week and the announcement is now old. But, I was wondering what everyone thought about the announcement for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that is coming out this November?

    Personally...I think it's stupid.

    I was not even really excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The story was only good towards the end (where it got super dark) and on top of that, I feel like they just changed too much. It never felt like Pokemon to me. Z-powers are dumb, including Zygarde in a region he does not even originate in as a way to make up for a lack of Pokemon-Z felt like a half-assed effort (not to mention all his new forms were weird). The lack of Gyms was not so bad as the trials could be interestin…

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  • Element02

    Back from vacation!

    June 3, 2017 by Element02

    I am back from vacation now and will get back to editing shortly :)

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still around. I am taking the next couple of days to rest and recover after all that time spent in a car and crossing the USA, but come Monday, I will be back on it :D


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