FANDOM address the first part of this title // I have been gone for some time.

Did I abandon this place? No. But, when life is keeping you busy, small Wikia's are the last thing on your mind. I am moving to a new flat in a new city; mix that up with a full-time job and a relationship...and well, I'm a rather busy person. But, I am sorry for not being on here as often. As a "self-appointed" moderator of sorts, I know that there are a lot of people that look up to me for advice, general chatter, and other things that may or may not have to do with guidance when it comes to this site and its functions.

But, that brings me to the next part of the title which is "Wikia Announcements".

I know that I was recruiting new people and asked all new people to recruit newcomers as well. Obviously, the more people that we have here, the more Pastas that we can share, and everyone wins! BUT, when dealing with a growing community, there are things that you must remember. First: ALWAYS check the rules on writing Pastas which is on the Wikia main-page. These guidelines will assure that you have the best experience here with minimal hassle and complications.

SECOND: "Copypastas" ---- Now, we know that we cannot write original works all the time, and there was a long while where we were posting nothing but Pokepastas that had come from other Wikia's. This is fine, because, copypastas give us a bigger archive and more things to read. It makes the site look more active and impressive, so that boosts our chances of being searched and bringing in new people. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT CREATING DUPLICATE PAGES!!!

I kinda blame myself because I was not around on here to monitor what was going on...but when it comes to Copypastas, I have been seeing a lot of duplicates lately. Pokemon Black, sickly Green, Abandon Lonliness, and Snow on Mt.Silver are ALL Duplicates of stories already listed here in our archives...and those are just naming a few.

People work hard to create pages...and having duplicates means that you have the chance of getting 2 different pages about the same story with 2 different quality ratings, and it seriously makes the site look like a mess. Granted, some of our pages might have different titles, but come on now...if you knew where to look for stories (knew how to navigate the Wikia), you would know that your posting things that have been here for a long while. I believe that the new rule should be: "if you're not sure whether we have something or not, search it first, and if you are still confused, ask me if we have it."

  • sigh*

But it looks like I will be on "cleanup duty" for awhile.

Welcome back, eh?

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