Awesome pokemon ideas over 200 ideas!08:11

Awesome pokemon ideas over 200 ideas! the new Pokemon X&Y continue to draw ever-closer to their release dates, it is not uncommon to find people's 'inspired creations' of what Pokemon they would like to see in the new game.

While this does not include all original creations, this was a random video that I found on youtube, and just thought that I would display it for all of you here.

Some of the ideas are unique and look pretty cool...but a majority of them come off as boring with repetitive concepts. This is merely my own opinion however, thus why I left you this video so that you can watch it, and make a decision for youtself. Anyways, I will have the final video for my strange Gold version up tomorrow...and then the day after that will be dedicated to my new finding called "PokeSlender". But until then, let this entertain you.

(I would suggest putting on some music while you watch since this has no audio to it).


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