So, my birthday is tomorrow...and luckily for me, my package from Japan just happened to come in today!

It has always been a drea of mine to own Pokemon Green Version merely because it was the only one that never made it over to the United States. so, a couple of weeks ago, I was on Ebay and managed to snag one pretty cheap. It all worked out for me this way...but, it wasn't until later that evening that I was watching some Pokemon facts and learned that The Japanese had all three versions of the game (Red, Blue, Green). Red and Green were released first, and their Green version is like our Blue version (this I knew). BUT, then I later learned that the Japanese Blue version actually contains extra content not seen in any other first generation Pokemon Game.

So now it looks like I will have to get the Red and Blue versions in Japanese in order to complete my collection.

I'm still really happy with my early birthday present though. The only problem I have with it is the language barrier. I mean, some things I can figure out on my own...but what it comes down to is that, in order to play this game to the fullest, I will have to use a guide so I know what items I am picking up, what TMs teach what moves, and I even have to keep close tabs on what my Pokemon know (and what order the moves are )so that I don't go erasing moves that I really really need.

Some people would say that I am putting in too much effort to play this game...personally, I just believe that it's one of the things that makes me a true Pokemon fan. Still, just thought I would give everyone an update,

Update on that weird Gold Version that I bought coming soon!